Industrial Revolution Dbq Essay

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The end of the eighteenth century was a time of great change in many aspects. One of the greatests changes in society was the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was a time of economic productivity and population growth. The Industrial Revolution began in England at the end of the eighteenth century. It began in England for a multitude of reasons, these including a stable economy, an effective system of waterways connecting the nation, and the Scientific Revolution changing the way people solved problems. Soon after the Industrial Revolution started, England saw large population growth and wide urbanization taking place. One of the first Industrial cities was Manchester. Manchester rose to prominence as a leading center for cotton …show more content…
This is seen through documents 5 and 11. Document 5 explains that the appearance of Manchester was somber and there were open sewers in the streets. This Document paints a negative picture on the conditions in Manchester, but it must be taken into account that it was prescribed by a French visitor to the city, which means he most likely is bias towards the English and wants to find flaws within their nation. Document 11 is a picture of the River Irwell and how smoke clouds the skies of Manchester and sewage pours into the river itself. This is the same river that many people would get their drinking water from. However, the painting was featured in a newspaper dealing with social issues so it is likely that the painting may be exaggerated to an extent and therefore, could be bias. Additionally, during this time period, one of the main causes of death was Cholera. Cholera is a waterborne virus that attacks the stomach and intestines. Cholera spread through Manchester like a wildfire due to poor sanitary conditions throughout the city, leading to thousands of deaths. This shows that the condition that arose in Manchester with its growth were poor and lead to death. Overall, the growth of Manchester lead to poor living conditions for its population and this is seen through Documents 5 and 11, the people reacted to these changes by demanding reform and more sanitary living

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