The Progressive Movement During The Gilded Age

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Progressive Movement Essay
There were many problems during the Gilded Age that lead to the Progressive Era. A few of these many problems included, but not limited to the child labor that took place in almost every factory. Children around 1- 13 years of age were working jobs that adults worked. They also had poor and unsafe working conditions that had the ability to cause them harm if just a wrong step was takes or a small mishap that could cut off their toe or finger or give them health problems that could last them a lifetime. These were unsafe working conditions for any person and child. These conditions though, did not just stop at the workplace that made children work for minimum pay, but it also continued on to their homes. The slums and ghettos were also hard times for children. Some children didn't even have homes and had to resort to harsh conditions like sitting on vents because they were barefoot and couldn't afford food. They would then have to go back to work the next day and work for 10 - 12 hours a day, on their feet. Some of the harsh jobs that children had to work for was the mines and the
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Shame of the cities by Lincoln Steffens revealed the living problems that the people and children faced in the city. They revealed how the building had the bathrooms outside and overcrowding. The “picture book” named How the other half lives by Jacob Riis also exposed the terrible living conditions of the slums and ghettos. One of the pictures showed two children on a subway vent struggling to keep their feet warm since they had no shoes. The bitter cry of the Children by John Spargo was a great example of a book that exposed the child labor involved in the textile industries and coal mines. Because of this exposure, people made changes and future presidents made changes to the way America ran and made it a better

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