Social And Political Problems During The Progressive Era

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Although America was undergoing through a high point in history, there was a large downfall not only economically but, also socially and politically. The Progressive Era consisted of several problems that affected America as a whole later on but, it taught the government how to function on it’s own instead of depending on big businesses. Throughout the Progressive Era problems were presented that were composed of the lack of space for housing, poor working conditions and the inability to fulfill the promise of freedom in America.
A major situation in the Progressive Era was the lack of space in homes to support the people. The workers had to return back from work to a tight living space, barely any room to fit one family. Personal space was
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People were taught to believe that the people controlled the government, that they had a voice in the decisions the government chose but, the voting system they used interfered with that idea. As a result the people felt that they had no say in the government because people were being bribed by the people running (Document 7).This resulted in the injustices among the ballot, and created tension between the candidates and the voters. The trust between the candidates and the voters was cut off because of the possible chance of the candidate buying the votes (O.I). A response to the situation was the creation of direct primary and recalls. To clarify, direct primary is the vote for the candidates for the subsequent election, therefore the people will know who has their same opinions. In addition, recalls are when the people can vote to withdraw a political figure from their job before their term ends. This solution created a way for the voters to have a say in the government because they could vote for who they want before they vote for the actual political position. To sum it all up, the people had a say in what happens in the government just like how America first proposed it. The Progressive Era was a period of time where America gained experience with extreme situations such as tenement housing, mistreatment among workers and the lies the government told to sugarcoat America’s freedom policy. Even though there were mistakes on the path of becoming a successful country, overall it resulted into a country that can fix from even their largest mistakes. America has hit several bumps on the way but, in the end America is a world-known country that is known for it’s democracy and the power it

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