Essay On The Progressive Movement

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The progressive movement in the United States was one of the most successful political movements in the country’s history, starting reform movements throughout the nation. Beginning in the 19th century, the Progressive movement looked to make changes to some of the issues within the country, such as monopolies and the issues within the urban movement, like poverty and drunkenness. The progressive movement was typically made up of intellectuals, muckrakers, and middle class women. The movement looked to deal with these issues through reform, but wanted American society to remain faithful to its long-held values and beliefs. Progressives sought out how government intervention could help out the American people. They also looked to make economic life fair again, an issue driven by economic inequality. In short, the progressive movement embraced the spirit of anti-monopoly, social cohesion, organization, and an enlightened public. Progressives around the country looked to eliminate corruption within the government in the United States. Prohibition was promoted by most progressives of the time, due to its ability to cripple politicians who were based out of saloons. Government regulation was one of the solutions that progressives looked to use when it came to the economy as well as social issues such as …show more content…
With the definition of women in society changing around the turn of the century, the attitude and behavior also changed for women. Women were becoming more educated and were often employed during this time, improving their life chances and offering them more social status to make these declarations. Most women were part of volunteer organizations such as knitting clubs, church groups, or a book club. These events gave the women a place to announce their ideas and beliefs; as well as allowing them a place to

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