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  • Kangaroo Route Case Study

    Young and I were responsible for the Asian market. In terms of the Kangaroo route, we connected the flights from Singapore to Europe, Australia, and other Asian regions. First and for most, we had set our home base in Singapore; simply because Singapore airport is the second busiest international passenger airport. In addition, the geographic location is in the middle of Indian ocean and South China sea. In other word, it is closer to Australia. Hence, the routes we in charged included Singapore Changi to Sydney Kingsford, Singapore Changi to Seoul Gimpo, Singapore Changi to Jakarta Soekarno, and Singapore Changi to Riyadh K. Khaled. Among all four of these different routes, the average of passenger demand was approximately 20,000, which meant that these routes could be very profitable and beneficial to our airline’s operations. The route from Singapore to Riyadh was one of our most profitable one. Although the passenger demand was merely 12,190, which was not as high as Singapore to Istanbul; but it brought $65,293,270 net profit to our company. It had gained the highest profit of our Asian flight routes. The second highest was the route from Singapore to Seoul Gimpo, which earned us $36,579,376.98. According to our analysis, we believed that it was because flying to the destination of Riyadh…

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  • Qantas Case Study Essay

    of February 18, 2016, that an airport traffic coordination will coordinate the managing of the airport traffic flow, and will have an action plan to implement new changes over the next few months to prepare for the airports busy peaks. In early 2013, Qantas wanted to split from Singapore to pursue services in Dubai and would reduce the total Changi capacity more than 2%. Qantas currently accounts for more than 16% of the capacity in Singapore-Western Europe market, and the…

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  • Changi Airport Case Study

    1) Introduction (1 mark) - The management and operation of Changi airport - Its important role in Singapore economic development Changi management consists of a team that manages the operational needs of Changi Airport and the roles include ensuring effective operations, establishing robust safety and security measures, creating state-of-the-art facilities, providing delightful customer service and promoting innovative events in close partnership with various airport agencies and airlines.…

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  • Singapore Airlines Limited: Case Study: Singapore Airlines

    Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA; C6L; SGX) is the airline company of Singapore that operates from its hub at Changi Airport and offers aremarkable customer service. SIA is considered as a Singaporean national symbol and icon and It has a strong effect in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Oceania. Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier that operates the world’s largest passenger aircraft Airbus A380 first time in the history. SIA also has many air-line-related subsidiaries, such as…

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  • Haze Pollution Essay

    Singaporean Government Policy Brief: Restoring Peat Lands with Community Development Approach to Minimize Transboundary Haze Pollution (THP) Introduction After sixteen years from 1997 followed by 2005 crises, now Transboundary Haze Pollution (THP) crisis turns to annual. The latest haze in June 2013 named as the most terrible trans-boundary haze pollution blanked Singapore air in history (Onn 2013). Haze turns into hazardous status as Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reached 400 (BBC 2013). PSI…

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  • S P Setia Case Study

    achieved this feat since the inception of the awards. S P Setia is also the only Malaysian developer to be recognized thrice by the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI). Locally, the Group also has five FIABCI Malaysia Property Awards to its name. Apart from property development awards, S P Setia also made it to the Aon Hewitt Best Employers list four times. It emerged as the Overall Best Employer in Malaysia and one of the Best Employers in Asia Pacific in 2011. In the last five…

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  • Clashs Of Civilizations: An Analysis Of The Clash Of Civilizations

    The article Clash of Civilizations begins by speaking on why there will be a clash of civilizations, where he gives a total of six explanations, and then he focuses by acknowledging that these clashes will take place on cultural fault lines whether they be distant countries, neighboring countries, or internal cultural borders within a specific country. This section mostly hits on the clash between the ideologies of the west vs. Islam. The author then goes on to explain how the civilizations of…

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  • Cambodia Script Essay

    Presentation Script : Cambodia Slide 1 : “Good morning everyone. We would like to present one country -- is ASEAN member -- is Cambodia.” Slide 2 : “Cambodia is known in name the Khmer Empire ,is a country located in Southeast Asia.” Slide 3 : “Cambodia has 181,035 square kilometers. It bordered by Thailand to the northwest, Laos to the northeast, Vietnam to the east, and the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest” Slide 4 : “Place in Cambodia. First, Cambodia has 21 cities. And the capital city is…

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  • Singapore Seaport Case Report

    Ranking of Singapore seaport are top 2 at World Container Ports by TEU and top 2 at world's busiest seaports by cargo tonnage. Port activities Singapore started at the Singapore River in the early years of Singapore’s founding in 1819, when Sir Stamford Raffles first established a trading post here to further British influence in the region. The early economic policy of a free port status promulgated by Raffles, allowed unrestricted movement of goods through the Singapore River’s calm waters,…

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  • Indonesia Swot Analysis Essay

    contracts and agreements made in Indonesia. One reason is that the civil law provides for certain clauses to apply to all agreements unless specifically excluded. Litigation can be unpredictable in terms of outcomes, protracted and time consuming, and as a result is not commonly an effective route to resolve disputes. o Contracts commonly include Indonesian or international arbitration for resolution of disputes. A popular choice is Singapore in accordance with the rules and regulations of the…

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