Dash 8-Q400

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1.0 Introduction The dash 8-Q400 is a high wing aeroplane manufactured by bombardier aerospace with shared intrests from several parteners. It is powered by two 5071 shaft horsepower PW 150A turboprop engines. Each engine drives a six bladed propeller.
2.0 Fire detection The fire protection system includes components throught the aeroplane to provide detection indication and fire extinguishing capabilities. The fire protection system provides fire detection and extinguishing systems for the engines ,auxiliary power units (APU) , baggage compartment , fire and smoke detection and fire extinguishing capabilities in the lavatory. Portable fire bottles are provided for the passenger compartment. On this report, the main focus will be on the engine fire detection and suppression system.
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APDs or fire detection loops, give fire and overheat detection in the Main Wheel Well (MWW) zone, Leading Edge Zone (LEZ) and Primary Engine Zone (PEZ). The APDs supply fault indication to the fire protection panel. Three APDs are located in each naccle. The naccle fire detection system has one APD located in the engine primary zone, one located around the PEZ and one extends around the MWW zone. A fire or overheat condition in the naccles is shown on the fire protection panel. FIGURE 1:Dash 8-Q400 left

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