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  • Differences And Similarities Between The Simpsons And Family Guy

    think of the legends in this category you need look no further than Matt Groening’s classic The Simpsons, or the more recent twist Family Guy created by Seth Macfarlane. The Simpsons and Family Guy are American comical cartoons that share many similarities and differences. Although the two shows portray a dysfunctional American family and have a similar way of delivering humor, they both contrast in their targeted audience and characters. The first and most noticeable resemblance is that The Simpsons and Family Guy’s humor can…

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  • Comparison Of Family Guy And The Simpsons

    Family Guy and The Simpsons are two American classics. The Simpsons first debuted in 1989, and Family Guy aired its first episode a decade later in 1999. Designed for audiences fourteen years old and older, both television series contain some forms of strong language, sexual content, and dialogue that would not be suitable for younger children. Both television series impacted the realm of comedy in a positive way by producing spin-offs of the original shows in years to come. Many people enjoy…

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  • Political Economy In 'Much Apu About Nothing And' The Simpsons

    chosen for this essay is “The Simpsons”. This cartoon has become a household name and a cultural phenomenon across the world. It is the longest running series in American history and has been so popular because the writers have blended together different forms of wit and humour to appeal to all types of people of all ages. The satirical humour and political neutrality makes the text so relatable…

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  • Elements Of Comedy In The Simpsons

    American families so eagerly enjoyed together. Picture this, a father and mother lovingly sitting next to each other while their rambunctious children lay sprawled out in front of a boxed television set with unquenched enthusiasm. This is the image of a traditional, nuclear family—the epicenter of American values and way of life according to the mainstream media of the time. Likewise, it is also the trope of any situational comedy show. However, this charmingly picturesque image of idealistic…

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  • Analysis Of Robert Browning's Soliloquy Of The Spanish Cloister

    reason to dislike it. An example of this phenomenon is the monk’s anger and envy towards Brother Lawrence in Robert Browning’s “Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister.” The dramatic monologue features a speaker who has a deep hate for one of his brothers. The conflict with the monk and Brother Lawrence is correlated to modern day culture and TV shows such as the Fairly Odd Parents and The Simpsons. Robert Browning’s “Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister” is a dramatic monologue about an unnamed monk…

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  • The Simpsons Influence On American Culture

    The Simpsons is one of the longest running and most popular television (T.V.) shows in the history of television. As a result, the show has had a lasting affect on American culture reaching down to even some of the words we use today. These influences are a direct result of the show’s many characters relatability and the way in which they are presented. It’s place in popular culture, an icon of American life, make it a standpoint for the way in which Americans live. No doubt its use of satire to…

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  • Paranoia Agent Case Study

    10. Paranoia Agent (2004) Satoshi Kon was so content with his cooperation with Madhouse that immediately after the end of producing Tokyo Godfathers, he proposed to shoot a TV anime series. The script would be based upon a few of his concepts, which he had not used before, as much as upon newspapers' headlines, particularly their crime and social ones. The leadership of the company accepted, thus initiating the creation of the 13 episodes of Paranoia Agent. A series of attacks occur in Tokyo,…

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  • Sitcom Will And Grace Satire Analysis

    Satirical Anti-Trump Representation in the Sitcom Will and Grace Mini Episode and Season 9 Episode 1 As the TV satire become popular in the 21st century, humor is utilized to problematize phenomenon in humans’ lives (Gray et al.: 2009). Will and Grace is one of great American sitcoms using elements of satire to make the audience laugh. Having a unique storyline of friendship between a gay lawyer, Will, and a straight architect named Grace captivated the audience attention among mainstream…

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  • Personal Reflection On Stereotypes In The Classroom

    When I saw the directions of this assignment I immediately knew what I was going to observe. I decided to do a group from my high school the complete opposite of me. I am a person that has never been to watch a play in a theatre. This has not seemed to interest me ever. I am a student athlete that loves to play and watch most sports. So to me, I have always felt like athletics are so much harder than putting on a play. This is an assumption I have taken that I wanted to test and see if it was…

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  • Leave It To Beaver: Character Analysis: Leave It To Beaver

    millions of Americans with its depiction of the ideal suburban family of the 1950s. Its loyal viewership guaranteed it a run of six seasons and movie spinoffs. What made "Leave It to Beaver" such a good TV comedy was its witty dialogue, comical situations, and relatable characters. One of the things that made "Leave It to Beaver" such a good comedy of its time is the witty and well written dialogue. We see evidence of this in in the episode titled "Beaver's Newspaper." In this episode, Larry…

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