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  • Grace Murray Hopper: Programming Pioneer By V. Rajaraman Analysis

    In the article, “Grace Murray Hopper – Programming Pioneer”, author V. Rajaraman summarizes the life and accomplishments of Grace Murray Hopper, a woman who is credited for several major computer and technology developments. Rajaraman goes into extensive detail about Hopper’s early life, such as how Hopper focused heavily on her education in order to receive a PhD in Mathematics at Yale University which soon lead her to become a math professor at Vassar College. Rajaraman also mentions how Hopper tried to join the U.S. Navy, but with no prevail as women were banned from the Navy at the time. However, as the United States entered into World War II, a shortage of men lead the Navy to implement a program called the Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service (WAVES) which allowed for Hopper to finally join the Navy. Identify and explain the historical technological development(s), event(s), or the…

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  • Grace Hopper As A Role Model

    Grace Hopper is one of the lesser known female pioneers in the computer science field. Not only did she become the first woman to receive a Ph.D. in mathematics from Yale, but she was also a military leader. Hopper is someone who should be a role model to all women wishing to work in a STEM field. Hopper was born Grace Brewster Murray in New York City, New York on December 9, 1906, meaning she lived through many of America’s most impactful events such as World War I, The Great Depression, World…

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  • Rear Admiral Grace Hopper Essay

    Rear Admiral Grace Hopper made one of the most significant impacts on the field of Computer Science and programming ever through her work both in and out of the Navy. Hopper’s most memorable and well known contribution she made occurred while she was working at Harvard, and found a moth inside of a Mark II computer, shorting it. This moth is the source of the common term “computer bug” still used today. However, the field of Computer Science would be almost identical today, even if the term…

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  • Communication Analysis: August: Osage County

    the earlier funeral of her husband, the men all rush up to redress themselves. Already, the scene makes for uncomfortable watching to anyone who has had experience with a person who will not take to being argued with. Pushing forward, Violet asks for someone to say grace at the table before continuing the meal and as Charlie attempts to, it adds even more awkward tension to those present, as while Charlie is trying his best regardless of obviously not being used to saying grace, he has no real…

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  • Internal Conflict In Sonny's Blues, By James Baldwin

    God’s grace play an important factor in how the characters react to their problem. The word ‘Grace’ is an important symbol in the story and relates to the characters in different ways. The explicator article points out that the word, ‘Grace’, is utilized as the name of the narrator’s daughter and the biblical sense for the extension of mercy, even when that mercy is unearned (Stone). In the story, Grace is dying from polio. In contrast the grace of God are the gifts and favor that he presents us…

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  • Grace Rhonda Nyberg Analysis

    A painting by Rhonda Nyberg titled, "Grace" mainly focuses on an older gentleman who is seen in the painting. The man appears to be higher in age perhaps around seventy years old. His hair is mostly white with a few strands of gray mixed within. On his chin sits a rather large beard that covers the lower portion of his face including his upper lip. The man 's skin looks weathered from time and is slightly pale, while his cheeks are rosy. His shirt is a forest green and navy blue plaid patterned…

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  • Grace College Chapel Rhetorical Analysis

    Last week, I attend Grace College chapel. In order further my communication skills I analyzed the audience and speaker at this chapel. Caleb Yoder was speaking. The first thing I analyzed was the demographic factors of the audience. Chapel is made up college students typically from the age seventeen to twenty-four. The school is made up of about sixty-five percent female and thirty-five male. Grace College is a christian school that has its roots in the Grace Brethren denomination; however, the…

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  • Office At Night By Edward Hopper Symbolism

    Edward Hoppers paintings always tell a story. ‘Office at night’ is no different. In the painting created in 1940, Edward Hopper leaves the viewer wondering what truly is going on in the somewhat mysterious situation. While some might only see two people having a regular night in the office, the many clues given in the painting leaves one’s mind wondering – is there something immoral going on? The open window, mysterious lighting, and the facial expressions of both individuals suggest a deeper…

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  • The American Disconnect: Achieving The American Dream

    The American Disconnect My Great Grandfather, at the age of 15, hopped on a boat from Poland and sailed to New York to escape the Nazi reign. In New York, he swept floors at a barber shop until he made enough money to invest in stocks. He became very wealthy after much hard work, achieving the American Dream, and becoming the epitome of the rags to riches stories that are so inspiring among Americans. Achieving the American Dream is a quintessential desire to native born Americans and…

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  • Personal Narrative: Going To The Whitney Museum

    Whitney Museum? Was the first thought in my head when I first heard about the extra credit opportunity announced in class. When I was a child, I thought it was a Museum pertaining to Whitney Houston, but that was not the case. I heard people talk about it, but I could never pinpoint where it was. It was not until last week that I would have the opportunity to enter the Museum for $1. Going to the Whitney Museum last week, has sparked an interest in going to Museums and I am glad that I went.…

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