Grace College Chapel Rhetorical Analysis

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Last week, I attend Grace College chapel. In order further my communication skills I analyzed the audience and speaker at this chapel. Caleb Yoder was speaking.
The first thing I analyzed was the demographic factors of the audience. Chapel is made up college students typically from the age seventeen to twenty-four. The school is made up of about sixty-five percent female and thirty-five male. Grace College is a christian school that has its roots in the Grace Brethren denomination; however, the colleges attendees are comprised of all denominations including some catholics and even some non-believers. Grace College has made many efforts to expand their students ethnical diversity, but unfortunately the college is made up of vast majority of white students.
The next thing I analyzed was the situational factors of chapel. Chapel is consists of about fifteen hundred people. The rounded shape of the arena poses a challenge for the speaker to address the whole audience. The lighting of the stadium is very dimmed; however the stage is very well lit, which makes it difficult for the speaker to see the audience. This is a challenging thing to
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To many speakers alienate themselves from the audiences by dressing too formal. Yoder was very effective with his nonverbal communication. In using his hands and walking on the stage in a way that did not seem as though he were passing. He was very effective at looking around the audience to make eye contact. I was sitting at the very back so it was hard to see his facial expressions form the screen or stage. Caleb Yoder is somewhere in the age range of twenty-two to thirty-five. This made him very relatable to the young audience. Though he did not mention his experience with the topic or his education level his introducer mention that he was a growth group leader at Grace which alludes to the fact that he may have his bachelor 's

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