Grade retention

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Grade Retention

    Grade retention, also known as “being held back” or “repeating”, has been a controversy within the educational system. Grade retention is requiring a student to return to a grade for further education, because he or she did not demonstrate a knowledge of the skills. Rather than follow social promotion traditions, schools should retain students who score low on state assessments, daily homework, and test scores; have little parental support; or show a lack of maturity. The country will face many problems with sending ill-equipped students out of school without the necessary skills needed to survive. Along with others, educators view that students need to be retained if they do not know the material. The retention process has helped many students…

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  • Early Grade Retention

    Grade retention has provided more negative consequences than positive. Statistically, it has negatively affected the academic achievement, social adjustment, and emotional state of students (Smith & Ronan Herzog, 2014). Leading to, grade retention increasing the probability that students will not complete school (Jacob& Lefgren, 2009). School Completion. The proper use of grade retention is to allow students the opportunity to gain the academic or social skills they need to succeed.…

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  • The Recreation Concept Of RV Park

    Additional event spaces comprise of a medium plaza south of the CWF to be used for farmer markets and other events. Natural spaces scattered throughout the park include expansive garden plots and wetlands on the north edge , trees lining the north-south promenade, and new tree plantings near the ball fields and new parking areas. Like the Recreation Concept, the wetland was enhanced as an amenity to the park and park users for environmental education and help with flood retention during large…

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  • Tied Student Behavior

    not relaxed then not performing as well seems to be quite possible. The 400% increase in participants who don’t feel stress in the math classroom after the action implementation shows me the impact of removing a grade. I enjoyed seeing students being able to focus during assessments and not squirming in the chair and asking questions on how to complete a particular task. When the students were presented with a task that they were not real comfortable with or did not understand proficiently…

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  • Curriculum Vs Inadequate Instruction

    For example, if grading a student based on standards, then a scale related to performance and effort can be used. If grading a student on an assessment such as projects, discussions, or inquiry, then a participation grading system would be more appropriate to use. I believe both grading systems are appropriate to use occasionally throughout a class to determine the mastery level of students. Promotion and Retention I believe that promotion and retention should be used as needed in the lower…

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  • The Importance Of Grade Inflation In Education

    “Grades are given more leniently today than when I was in college.” Visit any major university today and you’re bound to hear a professor say something of the sort. Many professors claim that grade inflation has corrupted our colleges. Students are being rewarded highly for simply adequate work, they proclaim. The truth is grade inflation has never actually been proven; it is more of a theory than a fact. Ask for sources on the subject and you’ll find isolated studies that proudly report college…

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  • Should Students Be Penalized In School Essay

    Many teachers around the United States deal with students that disrupt their class, or have behavior that is not appropriate on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, many students are penalized because their unsettling behavior hinders their own and other students learning. These behaviors can include being disruptive, using their cell phone, sleeping in class, challenging the teacher/ instructors knowledge on a particular subject, and many more. Therefore, students should be penalized to a certain…

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  • Centennial High School Case Study

    In previous schools in which I worked, the computer software would not allow a grade override without principal approval. If a student or parent has filed a formal grievance with the principal, the principal may elect to consult the teacher regarding changing the grade or even change the grade unilaterally (though one would hope that the latter would not occur). The Centennial High School Student Handbook (2016) provides a grievance process for students that begins with the teacher, then the…

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  • Grading Practices

    environment to a grade focused environment. Students have been built to place grades above learning the classroom (Farias, Farias, & Fairfield, 2010). This grade only focus get embedded into students from early in their education careers (Farias, Farias, & Fairfield, 2010). Making a shift from a grade-oriented focus to a learning-oriented focus required participation from both the teacher and the students. Teachers must move away from a power role and consider the classroom environment to be…

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  • Perseverance Essay Examples

    This Way, That Way, Wrong Way, Tea Party… What? I felt like Alice trying to find her way around in Wonderland every time I had to write an essay. Teachers always gave us very broad and generic topics, and every time I was left clueless as to what to write. There were so many possibilities and many directions to go, I felt like Alice trying to follow the signs. Every time I asked my teacher to explain the topic more to me, I felt like I was speaking to Cheshire Cat, and that didn’t help. I would…

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