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  • Code Switching As A Home Language: A Study

    that using code switching in the EFL classroom does assist in bridging communication gaps due to a language barrier and allowed the students to better explain their points when discussing their readings. Translation can be another useful tool for incorporating home language into the classroom (Manyak, 2004; Ali, 2012). However, utilizing translation does not mean to revert back to the grammar translation method, when translation is used, it needs to be in a strategic manner. A method to help ensure the appropriate use of translation in an ESL classroom was established by Ali (2004). This method includes the integration of the task-based approach with translation. This approach requires the use of authentic situations in which translation is used. For example, having students role play a situation where someone is in a grocery store and they cannot understand the cashier, then a friend comes up to assist them by translating (Ali, 2004). This does not use translation as a basic tool to go from one language to another in terms of grammar it promotes a communicative strategy (Ali, 2004). This method can improve student comprehension in the second language and also can lower their affective filters. Manyak (2004) completed a study proving that strategic use of translation with ELLs is also beneficial and assists students in acquiring English and bettering their home language as well. The study she executed was in a 1st and 2nd grade integrated classroom that consisted of…

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  • Google Translate Case Study

    In addition, in the evaluation of the translation produced by Google Translate, the extent of errors was considered as follows:  Whether the translation produced by Google Translate is wrong.  Whether Google Translate does not translate the word.  Whether Google Translate makes shift in translation, which may include addition, deletion, substitution, or ordering. According to Burt and Kiparsky (as cited in Brown, 2007) ″errors can be viewed as either global or local. Global errors hinder…

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  • Why I Want To Study English Class

    English and Spanish classes, and as far as I can remember she did not speak in the target language. The way I was told to study and prepare was to complete grammar exercises in the book, as well as memorizing grammar rules. I remember doing oral and written tests in which I had to explain the rule in Italian (for instance, in English you use the present simple to talk about a recurring action), but I did not have to apply the rule to the language in order to communicate. For this reason, I…

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  • Aristotelian Manipulation

    to add or delete, the translated text may be different from the original because any text reflects the ideology and thought of its own author which is considered a manipulation. Dukate defines manipulation as: The translator understanding of a text which eventuates in adaptation of the message in target reader, in terms of cultural, ideological, linguistic and literary mismatches among the cultures is done by human manipulation and this entails some impact of individual factors (2007) But…

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  • Four Types Of Revisers In Translation

    (2007, 208) argues that the profile of the person who is going to be in charge of revising the translation have to depend on the type of revision that the target text requires. The type of revision will depend on the needs that the target text requires and the specifications of the translation brief (ibid.). In this, Parra Galiano (2007, 209) distinguishes four types of revisers: 1) A subject matter reviser for content revision: this person has an expert knowledge of the topic in the…

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  • Code Switching Case Study

    Sometimes a person can only think of a word in the language other than the one being spoken at the time. “When we are using Chinese, we sometimes have to drop an English word into a sentence because we don 't know the Chinese word yet.” -American missionary in Taiwan The linguistics features of code-switching are: (1) Phonology. Words undergo changes when code-switching. Sometimes the stress of a word affects the changes as well. (Gibbons, 1987, P. 44-56) (2) Syntax. The English…

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  • English Language Grammar Essay

    Different views emerge in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT). While theories and approaches are put forward to understand the nature and applicability of certain phenomenon related to ELT, different points of view arise. Grammar perhaps is one of which. With the current changes and circumstances of the world, the paper will examine how grammar should be taught. This paper will explain how there is a need to create a balance and build on circumstances and needs of learners when teaching…

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  • Zhang Guruo's Theory Of Zhang Guruo

    theories on translation; however, he has unique insight into translation. From four aspects his views will be illustrated in this paper: on faithfulness; on idiomaticness; on notes; on readers. On faithfulness, Zhang’s view is that “the content is like the matter and substance while the form like the words and expression. ” He has been in pursuit of idiomaticness for all his life. From the perspective of translation, he advances translating idiomatic originals into idiomatic Chinese. From the…

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  • Importance Of Grammar And Pragmatics

    greeting, requesting, apologizing...etc. Speech act is generally associated with pragmatic equivalence. It is that approach which asserts that in a translation process what is said has to be translated in addition to what is meant. Philosophers who support this approach claim that without understanding the intention of the speaker, it is impossible…

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  • The Importance Of Language Awareness In Human Development

    How much language awareness can account for L2 development? Is it necessary? Can it hinder fluency? The controversy involving explicit and implicit learning boosts many studies in SLA field. Some researches (e.g. Krashen, 1981; Paradis, 1994) do not see much contribution of explicit grammar teaching in L2 development, whereas others (R. Ellis, 1994) argue that explicit knowledge accelerates form-meaning mapping and helps to attain certain types of knowledge, such as academic or professional…

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