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  • Intuit Case Study

    recruiters can’t cover them all in a short amount of time. Intuit also values diversity to a great degree. In order to meet diversity goals, Intuit partners with organizations that promote diversity. One of the programs that Intuit partners with is Grace Hopper Academy, which teaches women of color on how to code. Motivation is somewhat considered to be a factor in the recruitment process, since they want Intuit wants their employees to be excited about working at Intuit and the tasks that…

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  • The Importance Of Communication In Leadership

    confusing between leadership and managing. I have been found suspect to leading and guiding my group by assigning tasks but not following through. I became a manager. There is nothing wrong with being a manager, but people rather have leaders. Grace Murray Hopper said it best, “You manage thing; you lead people.” Collaborative work and communication is crucial to build the trust needed to successfully run a group. It is unfortunate that at time we misunderstand and misjudge our intentions,…

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  • A Great Leader

    The greatest leader that I know, ensures that his employees will have the tools they need to be successful. Having a leader who empowers people to grow and become great leaders themselves makes a difference in what a person can accomplish. As Grace Hopper said, “You manage things; you lead people,” (1983). Leaders who have the need to control everything are not leaders, but managers. These managers are very difficult to work under. A great leader to me has good ethical values, is an active…

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  • The Impact Of Technology On American Society

    improved the computers a great deal as well as software programs. (Fuller G , R Buckminster, P. 342). An American woman, Grace Hopper made great strides in computer programming, working for the navy and several large companies. (Fuller G , R Buckminster, P. 343). Some of the major Apollo space programs were developed by African American mathematician. She added to the work of Hoppers manuals. She had worked for NASA and IBM. Women still make great computer scientists in modern…

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  • Les Miserable Analysis

    portrays a true sense of life during the revolution. Aimed towards history gurus and middle-aged adults, this article gives a good description of what the movie entails. Set in early nineteenth century France, this film is based on God’s prevalent grace in Jean Valjean’s life while he was dealing with criminal injustices and obstacles with the law. The purpose of this review is to critically analyze Les Miserable and discuss points that will help the audience understand more about the film…

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  • Why Is Technology Important To Our Future?

    Technology has been developing for centuries and has taken a huge leap toward our future. Technology has advanced so much to the point where everyone has high expectations for my generation of engineers. Alan Mathison Turing was a British pioneering computer scientist and a mathematician who has made major contributions in his time (Copeland). Over 70 years ago, Turing introduced the notion of machine that is universal. The central concept of the contemporary computers was based on his very…

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  • Institutional Discrimination Against Women

    Institutional discrimination against women comes in many forms. While employment and the accompanying processes are only one of the many ways that institutional discrimination is carried out, it affects society greatly. This happens through the wage gap, the sex typing of jobs, and barriers placed so women struggle in certain fields. The discrimination in employment is shaped by those who are in charge, who limit women’s employment through history, who discourage women’s education in certain…

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  • John Mauchly Essay

    John Mauchly pioneered the field of computer science and built the foundation for all modern computing with the creation of the world 's first fully functional digital computer, the ENIAC. The ENIAC, completed in 1946 at the University of Pennsylvania, occupied 1800 square feet, weighed 30 tons, had 18000 vacuum tubes, and cost about $5,000,000 in modern dollars (ENIAC Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia). John Mauchly originally conceived the ENIAC as a tool for statistical weather…

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  • Is Don Quixote Insane

    Within the text of Don Quixote, the reader is first introduced to the protagonist at first as an old wealthy man whom spends his time reading chivalric tomes of knights and their brave adventures. At this point, it is quite obvious that he is quite old at this time and perhaps felt the need for adventure once again and perhaps this was his midlife crisis. So from reading all of these tomes, he dubs himself a knight and takes on the name, Don Quixote de la Mancha. He then decides that as this…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Computer Science 205 Class

    connections.” (The Meritocracy Myth, McNamee and Miller 77) Cultural capital is your ability to “fit in” with the people around you. This past year I was given the opportunity to test my social and cultural capital when I went to Texas for The Grace Hopper Celebration. GHC is a convention to help women in technology fields to get recognized. My dad works for Bank of America and had a few acquaintances who were going to be at the conference. He gave their names and told me I should stop by. When…

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