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  • Grace Murray Hopper: Programming Pioneer By V. Rajaraman Analysis

    2), which soon led Hopper to go on to develop the first computer compilers. One these first computer compilers was called the FLOW-MATIC (also known as the Univac B-0 compiler), which translated symbolic mathematical codes into machine code which in turn assigned call numbers stored on magnetic tape. After this first major accomplishment, Hopper then started developing an “English-like” language to write programs which would allow more business minded people to utilize computers rather than mathematicians and scientists. From the creation of the first compiler and the first computer programmable language, Hopper received national attention for her accomplishments and went on to attain many distinctions and awards. Summarize the major social and or ethical changes that took place in a defined historical period. Hopper’s work on programming languages, software development, compiler verification, and standardization brought computers out of the private sector into the business and public sector, and eventually into the homes of people today. Her accomplishments are the reasons why computers are such a huge part in peoples’ everyday lives since Hopper always worked with the goal in mind of making computers versatile outside of the math and science fields. Hopper is also known for being the person who coined the word “bug” to refer to a problem within a computer compiler. In the article, “Grace Hopper: Compilers and Cobol”, authors George Strawn and Candace Strawn discuss the…

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  • At & T Corporation Case Summary

    AT&T Corporation, an American multinational telecommunications establishment, possessed a patent that protected speech recognition software in the United States. Similarly, Microsoft, an American multinational technology company, created code to make a computer program that also recognized speech, but instead decided to sell it in foreign countries. Essentially, Microsoft found a complex loophole in Section 271(f) of the United States’ Patent Act and was eventually able to legally sell their…

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  • Importance Of Instruction Scheduling

    Set of allowable templates are used to represent the imposed constraints on instruction placement. EPIC allows instructions in multiple templates to execute simultaneously. EPIC architectures are a class of VLIWs includes variable length parallelism, which is achieved by the mechanism of stop bits. A set of instructions mapped onto a template are called a bundle. The EPIC structure considered has the property of paired templates. Two theorems are used one is optimality guarantee without…

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  • Rear Admiral Grace Hopper Essay

    of a Mark II computer, shorting it. This moth is the source of the common term “computer bug” still used today. However, the field of Computer Science would be almost identical today, even if the term “bug” never came into use, so this term is one of the most inconsequential of Hopper’s contributions to the field. Hopper’s most significant contribution to Computer Science occurred in 1952, when she and her team at Harvard created the first compiler, the “A compiler”, which two years later…

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  • Grace Hopper As A Role Model

    Harvard University, where she learned to program a Mark I computer. After WWII, Hopper remained with the Navy as a reserve officer and kept her position as a research fellow at Harvard. While holding that position, she worked with the Mark II and Mark III computers. She was at Harvard when a moth was found to have shorted out the Mark II, contrary to popular belief, she did not create the term “computer bug” because of this incident, she just helped to make it popular. Hopper moved into…

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  • Grace Hopper's Life And Accomplishments

    lieutenant, and was made part of the Bureau of Ships Computational Project located at Harvard University. She worked on the IBM Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator, also known as the Mark I. She coauthored three papers about the Mark I. Around this time she divorced from her husband, but kept his last name. She never remarried. After the war Hopper gave up her job at Vassar, even turning down a full professorship, to do research under a Navy contract, working on the UNIVAC. By 1952, she…

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  • John Backus Essay

    hampered the 704’s performance. Backus wanted to design a language that was easier to use, faster and machine independent and so the FORmula TRANslation was born, otherwise known as FORTRAN. Although IBM’s consultant advised against it, Hurd happily approved the project and Backus began gathering a small team of mathematicians and programmers to work alongside him. But the difficult part was not designing the language, it was translating the language to a language that the machine would…

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  • Object Oriented Programming Analysis

    was created to be an easy-to-use programming solution to many programming needs such as web application development, database connectivity, network communications, user interface components, and numeric algorithms. The .NET Framework contains numerous methods of its class library, which programmers can use in addition to their own code to create robust applications (Sharp, 2013). C++ is a programming language which evolved from C, hence the unary increment operator “++” to model that it is an…

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  • Intel Xeon Phi Case Study

    Intel Xeon Phi is marked for its unprecedented chip level execution with extended parallelism and great execution. The Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, which is created on the Intel MIC structural engineering generally runs a Linux working framework furthermore ready to run applications on other programming languages like C, C++, Fortran. The coprocessor executes the x86 memory request model and IEEE 754 skimming point math. The Intel Xeon Phi is outlined in such a route, to the point that alternate…

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  • Nt1330 Unit 1 Data Flow Analysis

    The number of iterations is determined by the partitioning of the design. Iterations should be planned for durations of one work-week for each. One-week increments and the number of developers available to work on the project determine the number of features that can be included in each Incremental-build. This in turn determines the overall schedule. Figure 2: An Incremental-Build Process Model Example (Fairley, 2011, p. 61) Figure 2 illustrates another advantage of the…

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