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  • Stylistic Choices In Rhetoric

    prepared in a specific way, the combinations result in a delicious dish that produces a positive reaction from the consumer. Stylistic choices of diction, in the same way, are used collectively to best convey the central idea of a composition to a target audience. Even though sentence structures are not often thought about in rhetoric, it is an essential element in conveying a message because this component produces balance and emphasizes key points within a composition. There are four basic types of sentences — simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences — that are used for communicating ideas (61). The choices a rhetor makes in relation to sentences immensely impacts how the audience perceives a passage and the meaning behind it. For instance, a simple sentence produces an abrupt and direct statement which the audience recognizes as being emphasized; if a compound-complex sentence was used instead, the statement would be masked with verbiage and lost among extraneous ideas (61). An effective rhetor knows how to use simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences to highlight key points, balance information, and clarify relationships between ideas (61). To put things differently, sentences are used like a chef uses soup broth. The broth enhances a dish by bringing out or adding flavors and balancing or counteracting others. While this may not significantly impact the overall dish, it does make the difference between a dish that is satisfactory and a…

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  • Simple Sentences For Research Paper

    A sentence is a gathering of words which begins with a capital letter and closures with a full stop (.), question mark (?) or exclamation mark (!). A sentence comprises or involves a verb phrase and a subject. Sentences comprise statements. Simple sentences have one statement. Compound sentences and complex sentences have two or more than two statements. Sentences can comprise subjects and objects. The subject in a sentence is for the most part the individual or thing completing an…

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  • Lehrman's Stump Speech

    one that is written at an eighth grade level. Dr. Jarvis mentioned in referenced to two speeches given by two very influential people, and the main and most important difference was the grade level that the speech was written at. Steve Jobs, in his keynote, was able to successfully engage the audience by using simple words and short sentences. His calculated grade level was an 8.2, compared to Bill Gates whose speech achieved a grade level of 9.7. At first, this different doesn 't seem that…

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  • Reflective Essay: What Makes An Expert

    much work ahead of me. My main difficulties with each essay are forming my thesis statements and topic sentences, finding the right words to convey my point, organization and a few grammatical weaknesses. My initial thesis statements were weak. In the first graded essay (the Whole Process essay)," What Makes an Expert", my beginning attempt at a thesis statement was "Expertise doesn 't have to include invention or innovation, being an expert means performing one’s tasks with ease when in fact…

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  • George Santayana's Intellectual Ambition Analysis

    human brain receives as “hieroglyphics,” the connotation of which conveys the idea that these perceptions are difficult for “our faculty of understanding” to unscramble, and subsequently create a realistic image from sensory impressions. (1) Another major factor in this section is syntactical structure; there is little variation in sentence length, with most of the essay comprised of longer sentences. However, sentences like “the resources of the mind are not commensurate with its ambition” are…

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  • Arguments Against Mandatory Minimums

    Florida, a twenty-five-year drug sentence for selling thirty-five pills for $300 will cost taxpayers an average of $18,064 per year, or $451,600 by the time the offender is released (Klas, 2017). Others will argue that mandatory minimums increase sentencing disparity because these do not follow federal sentencing guidelines. One can see, while created with good intentions, mandatory minimums have proven only to hurt rather than help. Mandatory minimums have been around in some fashion…

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  • Only Ten By Allan Baillie Summary

    An allusion is a figure of speech where the author refers to a particular matter such as a place, event or a literary work by way of passing reference. The Baillie’s use of smiles within the text ‘Only Ten’ has played an important role in enhancing the readers understand of the text. A simile is a language technique which is used by the author to create a comparison between two unlike things, places or events using like or as. Similes give a simple sentence a greater degree of meaning and lets…

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  • White-Collar Criminal Vs. White Collar Crimes

    For a white-collar offense, it could have taken the criminal to hack into networks of large companies to retrieve account numbers, social security numbers, and more to result in credit card fraud and/or identity theft. A blue-collar crime may result in robbing a bank or grand theft auto. As you compare the two crimes, one is more sophisticated in finding out the criminal and the white-collar criminal is more capable of eliminate evidence. However, crimes involving violence are known to having…

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  • The Importance Of Communication Skills And Writing Skills

    In this world of 140 characters, instant messages, and emails possessing good business writing skills are still important. When email or other written communication is sent, it is out there for people to judge. Your correspondences not only reflect on you, but on your organization as well, so it’s essential to get it right. For my development goal, I decided to improve my written communication skills by completing several courses through our Judicial Online University (JOU). The eleven…

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  • Analysis Of Madison's Story 'The End'

    five minutes. Afterwards, Madison read back her story all in a similar tone until the last sentence, where she used some expression to say, “The end!” Qualitative Analysis The story Madison wrote was a personal narrative about her experience of playing with a friend outside and getting hurt. Madison has told me before that she likes to write about herself and it is evident in this writing sample. If Madison were to revise her story, I would have her read it aloud again, but stop her to ask…

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