Stylistic Choices In Rhetoric

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Stylistic Choices in Rhetoric There is something about grandma’s secret recipe, or the one from the classy restaurant, or even the kind from the can, that people find enjoyable about soup. One may ask, what are the characteristics about soup that draws people to it? Soup is diverse in its appeals, simple or exotic in its ingredients, light or creamy in its broth, and casual or formal in its purpose. The chef is the ultimate decision maker in all these factors. A chef’s artistry is similar to that of a writer’s, or speaker’s being that the final product conveys the artist's signature style and aims to evoke certain feelings and emotions through their creation. Just as ingredients assist a chef in accomplishing just that, the elements of rhetoric …show more content…
Stylistic choices a rhetor makes regarding diction can strengthen a composition while simultaneously build up the credibility of the rhetor (60). With this in mind, an effective rhetor knows how to analyze a situation and make diction related decisions that will create clarification and interest. Various contrasting types of word choices ― general versus specific, formal versus informal, old english versus new english, common versus slang, and denotation versus connotation ― are all used to enhance and appropriate a piece (67). A rhetor’s job is to employ diction with the intention to persuade and appeal to the audience by using appropriate vocabulary word choice to increase the rhetor’s credibility and education perception level. To simplify this concept, think of the aspects of diction as ingredients for a culinary dish. There are many types and categories of ingredients and individually, the items are mundane and ordinary, nonetheless when the chef chooses the proper ingredients to be mixed and prepared in a specific way, the combinations result in a delicious dish that produces a positive reaction from the consumer. Stylistic choices of diction, in the same way, are used collectively to best convey the central idea of a composition to a target

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