Intel Xeon Phi Case Study

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The Intel Corporation made the Xeon Phi in November 2012 with adaptable programming, energy viability etc. This is an alternate stage and which uses the vector changing unit and interconnections. The High execution machines essentially uses the Intel Xeon phi coprocessor and the Nvidia tesla coprocessors. The Nvidia tesla coprocessor mostly uses the GPU’s, which will eat up low essentialness. To make these programming models we make usage of OpenMP for Intel Xeon and for Nvidia we make use of OpenAcc programming model. These Two coprocessors are used as a piece of the supercomputers in prospects on account of the predominant, less usage of imperativeness besides better versatility and steadfast quality.

II. Intel Xenon Phi Coprocessor.
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Intel Xeon Phi is marked for its unprecedented chip level execution with extended parallelism and great execution. The Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, which is created on the Intel MIC structural engineering generally runs a Linux working framework furthermore ready to run applications on other programming languages like C, C++, Fortran. The coprocessor executes the x86 memory request model and IEEE 754 skimming point math. The Intel Xeon Phi is outlined in such a route, to the point that alternate gadgets like compiler, debuggers, various libraries and so forth additionally help …show more content…
In excess to these cores, there are 16 memory channels. Generally for the programming of the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor all the coprocessors are installed on the single host system. Intel Xeon processor known as the host is connected to Intel Xeon phi coprocessor through a bus named PCI Express. As the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor runs Linux programming, the networking protocol would be the TCP/IP, which allows communication. TCP/IP stack is implemented over the PCIe bus thereby allowing the user to have access over the coprocessor as the networking node. Therefore any user can access the coprocessor through a secure shell and can also run either individual jobs or batch jobs on it. All those coprocessors on the single system communicate with each other through PCIe peer to peer interconnect and also communicates through a network card such as InfiniBand or Ethernet without any intervention from the processor i.e. host. Intel Xeon phi also has one more feature of supporting heterogeneous applications in which the part of it executes in the host and the other part on the

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