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  • Mosaic Christ The Good Shepherd Analysis

    as well as the principle of design that need to be followed. In this image, there are numerous indications that it follows these guidelines. For example, there is a consistent color theme throughout the mosaic. The artist used monochromatic colors as well as complementary colors to create some contrast and to bring overall harmony to the image. Another example is the use of implied lines that lead to the focal point. The focal point/emphasis is also another principle of design that brings harmony to the image. And the last example is the use of implied depth. All of these elements incorporated together to give the audience a feeling of unity and balance. The color scheme in the mosaic has a cool vibe. There is an abundance of monochromatic blues, browns, tans, and greens. The use of the cool colors gives the image a calming effect, but having only cool colors can cause the image to lack variety. The artist brings variety by using complementary colors, which causes contrast. There are…

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  • Personal Statement: Perceiving Art

    Art has multiple meanings depending on the artist, for me, art is the application of color in a scientific manner to create magic in a canvas. Art is harmony, but harmony that can be found in the science of color. As most of the artists that are part of the salon and those whose art is denied or ignored, I am a Parisian and an even though I am a very patriotic and conservative person, I utilized Art to evade traditionalism and to express my original style. I am a learner every day, but Art has…

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  • A Christ Figure Analysis Essay

    • In figure 1 the colors that are used are complementary colors. These colors are found opposite of each other on the color wheel, but when they are used together they complement each other. In the work you see the monochromatic color palette of blues and greens, then you look at the door and it is a reddish orange. The color of the door is complemented by the blue color palette and draws your eyes to the focus point of the work, which is the red door. • In figure 2 the shapes that are used…

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  • Bedroom Paint Colors

    use Royal Blue and Aqua paint colors to add aquatic elements. Combinations of harmonious paint colors is a fantastic way to ensure a room design that blends and flows from one area to the next. Typically, these related paint colors are next to each other or directly below one another on a color swatch. Choosing bedroom paint colors is a fresh way to bring a new look to your home. For some practical tips on how to decorate a bedroom in Royal Blue and Aqua, keep these suggestions in mind. Bedroom…

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  • Light Wavelength Essay

    ” This is the light that is divided up into six elementary colors; red, orange, yellow, green, blue violet. This is true when you place a thick piece of glass in the sunlight and a rainbow band of colors appear. These colors are put onto a light spectrum with its shortest wavelength are violet and its longest wavelength ending in red. Well now you must be wondering what a wavelength is. A wavelength, “the distance between two adjacent similar points of a wave such as from crest to crest or from…

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  • Process-Analysis Of Art

    out an idea, pick the perfect colors, and finally, paint. My mind is constantly flooded with images that are so vivid I can see them clear as day even with my eyes open. Some are like photographs that linger in…

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  • The Light, Color And Solutions Experiment

    The purpose of the Light, Color, and Solutions experiment was to determine how to use a spectrophotometer, understand the relationship between a solution’s visible color and its color absorption, and to derive, understand, and use Beer’s Law. Some background information that would be helpful included that the color of a solution was determined both by the colors it absorbed as well as the colors it transmitted. For example, if a solution was viewed as the color red, then red light was…

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  • Reflection On Gravity's Rainbow By Odili Odita

    Before this class I really didn’t give are much thought but now I have come to learn and appreciate that are is not only pretty pictures or statues. There are different reasons and uses for pieces of art, intended by the artist. Artists use many different colors, textures and techniques to reach their different audiences. Along with materials and objects, space and time period also influence art. No matter what the artist portrays, the audiences perceive it and appreciate it in different ways.…

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  • The Love Chase Painting

    The Love Chase is arguably the most notable collections at the Crocker Art Museum. The grand display dominates a whole wall. The color palette is completely different the usual swarthy choice-hues of the nineteenth century. Both of Nahl’s paintings seem to sparkle; the texture of the dried paint is shiny and practically glistens under the dim light of the display room. Nahl’s two paintings are two visually interesting truly masterpieces. This interest can be credited to Nahl strategic use of…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Tracey

    Everyone likes great service and even better results when they visit a salon. Customers expect creative coiffures, or every strand in place with no split ends in sight. Clients expect professional service but you experience a glowing difference in your attitude and hair when you walk out of the shop. Most important, patrons want a peaceful, pleasant atmosphere while getting professional advice and service from the best. Once you leave, you feel assured and confident about your appearance.…

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