Light Wavelength Essay

When we think about light we think something that is visible to us. For example, the light that comes from a light bulb or your car headlights and the sun. But in fact, we are recognizing “white lights.” This is the light that is divided up into six elementary colors; red, orange, yellow, green, blue violet. This is true when you place a thick piece of glass in the sunlight and a rainbow band of colors appear. These colors are put onto a light spectrum with its shortest wavelength are violet and its longest wavelength ending in red. Well now you must be wondering what a wavelength is. A wavelength, “the distance between two adjacent similar points of a wave such as from crest to crest or from trough to trough.” These wavelengths range from 400 to 700 nanometers. The wavelength on the scale looks much like a wave moving in the water. It has a high peak and a low peak. In the scale …show more content…
For example film can record a wider spread of colors on a spectrum than we could see. Because light is a wave oscillates electric and magnetic fields it can be identified as an electromagnetic wave. Electromagnetic waves vary depending on frequency and the wavelength. There is a wide range of wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum which its frequency ranges from 1020 Hz to 106Hz. Transverse waves is an Electromagnetic wave theory of oscillating electric and magnetic field. These fields are put on a scale moving perpendicular to the direction to which the wave moves. They are distinguished by their difference in frequencies and wavelengths. For example visible light have different wavelengths and frequencies resulting in different colors. Also visible and invisible light are distinguished depending on their wavelengths and frequencies. Electromagnetic waves move at the speed of light which is 3.00 x108m/s. The equation for measuring wave speed is by λν = c(wavelength x frequency=speed of

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