Importance Of Planning An Academic Goals

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One of the most important goals for me to do at this university is to graduate in four years with minimal student debt. In order to do that, I need to make sure that I take classes that will help me graduate while at the same time have enough skills to get a good job. The best way to do this is to make a plan to use the resources at their fullest. My plans to succeed are on how to graduate with all of my required courses, how to make use of co-curricular activities to increase my competitiveness in the workforce, and how to survive the college experience in a healthy method.
Planning an academic path toward graduation
When I first came to the University of California (UC) at Santa Cruz, I was surprised and excited to find out that there are
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I already fulfilled my first core course requirement by getting a ten on the Analytical Writing Placement Test. I am another requirement in the summer academy by taking History 10B. The general education classes I still have to take are for cross-cultural analysis (CC) , the interpreting arts and media (IM), the core two class (C2), and practice. I plan to take Modern European History, 1815-Present for CC , Visual Communication and Interaction Design for IM, 80B for C2, and Software Design Project for practice. (“General Education Requirements”) I will try to finish all of my general education courses by the end of the second year, mixing them in with my major courses. One of those major courses that I am looking forward to is the Comparative Programming Languages class because I will learn about many different programming …show more content…
I am interested in working on a project with one of my professors in the future. I also want to do a summer internship, and I plan to use the Baskin School of Engineering to help me get an internship in an engineering job (“UCSC Internship Programs”). That way, I will gain experience for my major and my future career as a software engineer. Hopefully, I can get an internship at one of my dream jobs, like Apple, Google, Cisco, Microsoft, or IBM. After doing some research, I found the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Internship Program (CUIP), which I want to try and use. It is a program that helps students find on-campus internships that pay $8,200 in scholarship money. A good time to do this internship would be when I do not have any lab courses, so most likely during my third year. Hopefully, the program can help me find an internship in software engineering. It will also help me gain leadership skills that I may need if in the future I become a leader of a group project in my future job.
Personal considerations, hurdles, and

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