Definition Of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

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Definition Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (STMP) is often described as a connection-oriented that is text-based protocol, which allows a mail sender to communicates with a mail receiver. STMP uses command strings that are issued and supplies data over a data stream channel, which is usually a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection. STMP main objective is to transfer mail reliably and efficiently. SMTP travels over TCP port 587 and is mainly used by clients to send messages.

Industry Standard Reference STMP is referred as an Internet Standard describing the specification of a technology or methodology applicable to the Internet. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) established the Internet Standards by starting with Internet
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Until Jon Postel proposed a Mail Transfer Protocol, which would remove the mail’s reliance on File Transfer Protocol (FTP). In November 1981, SMTP was established as RFC 788 by Postel, which around the same time Usenet was developed allowing a one-to-many communication network. STMP became popular due to the it working well with both the sending and receiving machines are connected to the network all the time. One of the first programs to implement SMTP was Sendmail, a mail transfer agent, which later became popular server programs such as Microsoft Exchange Server and …show more content…
As SMTP sends messages through systems it hops, which handoffs the responsibility for the message, leaving the receiving server to deliver the message or report the failure to deliver message. SMTP is part of the Layer 7 in the OSI model, which covers the major aspects of the Internet.

Problems/Limitations Some of the problems with SMTP is the relaying error, which means the email software is not set to use password authentication for outgoing mail. For Apple users, this is not a default setting in Apple Mail. Another problem is the server cannot be found, which could mean that your Internet Service Provider is blocking the port to send messages. If your SMTP configuration files are not setup properly it will require, you to change the mail configuration files.

Related Protocols and Technologies SMTP utilizes a mechanism that stores and forwards between servers. SMTP uses push technology that takes request for various information that is provided by the server and pushes that information to the user. However, a mail delivery agent could use Local Mail Transfer Protocol (LMTP) that forwards a message over a network. Email clients using Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), which allows access to mail and manages mail or Post Office Protocol (POP) uses the traditional mail file format similar to Microsoft

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