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  • Maria Vasquez: A Case Study

    such as shapes, colors, animals, food, school items, clothing, and community workers. One picture will be in Spanish and the other will be in English. Maria can then read the Spanish and English together in order to help her read and practice speaking English. As Maria is able to read them with ease then the words will be covered and Maria will have to label them herself in English. This is a game that can be played at home to help Maria learn to read and speak English. To help Maria with working on performing simple two part direction that involves manipulating her body I will start out with playing Simon Says. At first there will be pictures that I will hold up along with saying the words. Simon Says will be things such as Simon says raise your hands or Simon says touch your nose. As Maria progresses then we will move on to Simon says walk in a circle and clap your hands or Simon says clap your hands and skip. After a while the pictures will not be used as aids. This will help Maria to be able to perform two part direction. Another way to help foster Maria’s learning is through teaching her specific skills. When throwing I will first demonstrate throwing for Maria but also have it on an ipad or on the projector to show her in slow motion. Then it can be stopped at certain spots to show her how to throw. Also I will teach her the key words that go with throwing and have her repeat them back to me and repeat them to herself as she throws. As she is saying point, T, step and…

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  • Good Vs Evil In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

    In the beginning of the book, Jack says “I ought to be chief, because I’m chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp” (15). Even before we get to know the other characters, Jack arrogantly states to the boys (mainly Ralph) that he should be chief because he’s the best. This foreshadows how Jack will ultimately take over because he wasn’t elected the first time. Also, later in the book Jack says to the boys, “He’s not a hunter. He’s never have got us meat. He isn’t perfect and we don’t…

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  • Evil In Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

    Lord of the Flies, author William Golding shows the reader, through many characters and objects, the terrors of humanity. One of the most important symbols that reveals the innate nature of evil and the cowardice of humans is the Lord of the Flies. One of the most important aspects of human nature that the Lord of the Flies, a sow’s head, illustrates is that evil is within everyone and that it is everlasting. In the beginning of the novel, Ralph says, ‘“We can’t have everybody talking at…

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  • Simon's Death In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

    This scene can be likened to an event in the bible, which is where Jesus Christ feeds five thousand people with a few loaves of bread and some fish. Simon is often regarded as a prophet or even a saint like figure. He thinks of things in a different way, Simon is the only one with a real view of the 'Beast'. He has a considerable strength of mind but is frail of body. He enters the book fainting, something that he seems to do regularly and he suffers from epilepsy or some similar…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Behavioural Analysis

    boys stay on the island the worse their natural habits become and therefore their instincts become more evil as they start to believe there is a beast. They believe the beast can shapeshift into anything causing them to go crazy and killing what they might believe is the beast. As Simon says around the middle of the novel, “Maybe we are the beast” (96). It’s ironic because around the time there instincts start to get out of hand,…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Hunted

    Simon must of stepped on a trap because the next thing we see is Simon scooped up by a net hanging from a tree. “ HELP ME!” “ We can’t stay from him. We’ll dig his grave later. We have to keep going.” says Grayson. I know this is a bad decision but it's either run or die. “I’m sorry.” I mouth to Simon. “NOOO!” screams Simon. We ran off into the forest. Tears ran down my face and I felt as if heart was in my throat, but I still run. We ran past some boulders, past the skinny kid’s grave, then…

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  • Three Characteristics Of A Leader

    I knew how they felt. Like any other 14-year-old who 's making that transition into high school, they were scared. All of them had the same fears of coming high school. They were all scared they were going to get lost, be late to class, or be made fun of at school. Like Simon Sinek said in the TED Talks video, he stated that humans constantly live in fear and the only way they can feel safe is if they have a leader that they knew could lead them to safety. With the thought of trusting their…

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  • The Influence Of Bullying In Pop Culture

    Bullying in Pop Culture “Bullying was hideous and relentless, and we turned it round by making us celebrities” (Julian Clary). Simon Cowell on American Idol each week would stare at hopeful singers and without even blinking, he would dash the hope of these young people. He would do this with malice and without remorse, but in his defense says it was done in order to help them, but for many Americans it came off as an example of bullying by a man with power and influence. In recent…

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  • The Sunflower Simon Wiesenthal Analysis

    Simon Wiesenthal’s memoir, The Sunflower, told the story of Simon when he was trapped in a concentration camp. During his time in the camp, he was told to make a decision of forgiving a SS officer. An officer who Wiesenthal was contributing to his daily torture. Instead of verbally saying he forgave Karl, Simon implied his forgiveness by staying silent. I agree with Wiesenthal’s actions because I have relatable instances from my life that make it understandable. Such as, my parent’s divorce and…

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  • What Is The Theme Of The Sunflower By Simon Wiesenthal

    author of The Sunflower, Simon Wiesenthal, went through a sentimental battle. He was a Jew in the Holocaust, while working one day he was taken by a nurse to meet a SS Nazi soldier who was close to death. This SS Nazi soldier surprisingly told Wiesenthal, a Jew in the Holocaust, about all the crimes and death he has done and then he asked for forgiveness for all the people he has killed or potentially hurt. The author Wiesenthal never replied to the plea for forgiveness. Instead, he remained…

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