Maria Vasquez: A Case Study

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Maria Vasquez is first grader in Mrs. Casper’s classroom in Happyville Elementary. She has a specific learning disability and a speech and is language impaired. Her first language is Spanish and is struggling with learning English. Parent collaboration is needed in order to help Maria to learn English better and to be able succeed in school. Parents are important with collaborating with because parents are student’s main support system. Parents know their children have knowledge of their family, strengths, and needs. This gives parents a chance to become more involved with their child’s learning. Those families that do become more involved become more aware of the programs provided by the school and community. Parents that are involved with …show more content…
There will be two pictures of the same thing with the word or phrase under it. Maria will flip one over and then try to find the identical one. Pictures that will be used will be of things that Maria will see every day at school such as shapes, colors, animals, food, school items, clothing, and community workers. One picture will be in Spanish and the other will be in English. Maria can then read the Spanish and English together in order to help her read and practice speaking English. As Maria is able to read them with ease then the words will be covered and Maria will have to label them herself in English. This is a game that can be played at home to help Maria learn to read and speak …show more content…
When throwing I will first demonstrate throwing for Maria but also have it on an ipad or on the projector to show her in slow motion. Then it can be stopped at certain spots to show her how to throw. Also I will teach her the key words that go with throwing and have her repeat them back to me and repeat them to herself as she throws. As she is saying point, T, step and throw she will be reminding herself how to throw but also working on her speaking English.
Another way to help Maria with learning her skills and to incorporate parents in the teaching is to make a video of myself performing the skill for her to watch before class. I will talk through the skill emphasizing the key words that will need to be learned. Then there will be a slow motion along with voice over to talk though the skill. Then Maria can work on the skill by herself or with a parent to become familiar with the skill. If she is not able to practice the skill then she will have at least listened to the key words that she will be hearing in class and will have some knowledge of the

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