Conjoint Behavioral Consultation Case Study

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1.What were the results? How do the results affect your understanding of this issue? Conjoint behavioral consultation is used to treat different areas of development. In this article conjoint behavioral consultation was used to treat problems in with children. One area conjoint behavioral consultation treat is academic issues. Conjoint behavioral consultation was also used on children with behavioral problems. Parents played an important role in the success of their child behavior.
The results from the study determined that conjoint behavioral consultation was successful. It helped improve the children academics, behavior, and socioemotional issues. The school and parents worked together to support each child in the study. The results also
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For example, they may work with the student and parents to teach them English. This could help the child become more social. The school have the option to offer English courses. The article provided a clear understanding of each issue. It also explained how the parents and schools came up with ways to assist the child.

2.As a future counselor and/or consultant, what did you learn about behavioral consultation? How can you improve your skills as a counselor and/or consultant by understanding this information? I have a clear understanding on the issues CBC treats. I learned that behavioral consultation is used as a method of treatment for children. It can begin with children in Head Start. It appears that collaboration is needed for behavioral consultation. CBC is used to help students’ achievement. It can help increase their school performance. I learned that students had better attendance. They also had better study habits. I believe I can improve my skills as a counselor by researching information on behavioral approaches. I can determine if the approach can treat a certain problem. In this case that conducted research in the students to ensure the approach was successful. Furthermore, they used information of people from different backgrounds. For example, they conducted research on low income people as well as different
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For instance, information I can provide to those individuals needing help. I would like to learn more about effective modules that can help at risk children. Overall, the article provide a sufficient amount of information and results to the study. Reading the background information on the research provided a reason for the research. The person during the research wanted to see whether or not CBC worked for families. As noted, parent and school collaboration caused and improvement in several areas of the children.
3.In what circumstances might you apply and/or utilize the information presented in this article?
I believe the CBC approach can be used in different circumstances. I would use this method for children that are abused. Usually abused children have problems in school, like behavioral problems and socioemotional problems. To help the children the parents and school collaborate to find a solution.
Abused children face different problems For example, “studies show that abused children often become troubled adults. Abused and neglected children are more likely to drop out of school, be unemployed, and commit violent crimes” (Herr, 2008, p. 213). Children have positive behavior when their parents are supportive. I would apply CBC to abused and neglected children. This will help them avoid negative behavior and dropping out of

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