Analysis Of Feedback Informed Intervention

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Explain your understanding of the rationale for this EBP model. My time as a case manager, in a harm reduction program for homeless veterans has allowed me to have weekly sessions with a client for over two months now. The client is an Army vet with a history of substance abuse secondary to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In my effort to asses the client’s mental health on a weekly basis, I took notice in how the Feedback Informed Intervention (FIT), provided a unique opportunity for me and my client. Boswell, Kraus, Miller, & Lambert (2013) says there 's a moment in time when the patient and provider can look through a window together which the therapist and patient can catch glimpses into a unique world-view (Boswell, Kraus, Miller, …show more content…
I was able to assess and confirmed this by measuring his ratings. By taking my time and making sure the client understood each question, I noticed that perhaps practicing and familiarizing myself with each question and the employment of the intervention would increase my level of comfort during sessions. While I truly believed that the scales were effective, I also believed that feeling comfortable and conveying clear instructions for clients to follow is important. I can see how other interns might find it difficult to deliver the questions at first. With enough practice, I can also see how this would provide the chance to tailor and fine-tune my approach to the client on a session-by-session basis, improving both the client 's sensation of well-being and optimism and my own aptitude and effectiveness.
What were you experiencing or feeling as you used this model with client(s)? By using model for a total of three weeks, I felt a deeper professional working relationship with my client. I also had the sense that by using this evidence based approached, I was enhancing my skills as a clinician and as a case manager. This coincided with his increasing of level of attunement after each session. Knowing that my client was receptive of the intervention and was willing to to participate each week also made me proud to be his case manager while keeping in mind our professional boundaries.
What did you learn about yourself as a clinician using this

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