Limitations Of Ebp In Nursing

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Issued related to health always are the hot topics in society. People have been working hard in investigation, research and invention for improving the quality of health care. Nowadays, more and more clinical practices and care are supported by evidence to increase the effectiveness of health care Evidence has taken a more important place in nursing development.
EBP has been used in different professional aspects such as medication, psychology as well as nursing. EBP has been more valued nowadays. Some organizations also recommend the application of using EBP such as the American Nurses Association and Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. It plays an important role in nursing.
Therefore, the impacts of EBP will be focused
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Every decision or action made should be accurate and helpful for patients since care provided is directly related to life. Nurses should not just follow the rituals or routine practices without considering its effect or reasons behind. To be a responsible nurse, nurses should have an obligation to enhance their knowledge and understanding. Therefore, evidence-based practice is essential and important so I think it is beneficial for nurses to follow EBP as it helps nurses to update their knowledge so that more effective care can be provided and benefit the patients. However, EBP has its limitation although it has many benefits. They will be discussed in the …show more content…
One example is that a research showed the cost of treating colon cancer patients decreased more than 30% after the implementation of EBP since many unnecessary or uselessness tests or treatments had been cancelled. Furthermore, the outdated policy can be updated by EBP. Thus, unnecessary costs can be eliminated which make the operation of organization more effective. The resources can be distributed in the most effective ways.

Challenges for developing EBP
However, although there are many benefits of EBP, there are still barriers existed.

In the nurses’ aspect, lack of time and lack of knowledge are the main barriers of using EBP in clinical setting. Nurses have heavy workload. They need to manage many patients and routine job in one shift. According to the survey done by the Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff in 2014, it reported that there were more than 1600 of its members was caring for 11 patients at least. Staff shortage exits over about 80% of time (the Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff , 2014). Meanwhile, the working hour of Hong Kong nurses is 44 hours which is longer than British nurses which is 37.5. So, Hong Kong nurses are lack of time to learn. They would like to rest rather than using time on learning

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