Three Characteristics Of The Star Model Of Evidence-Based Practice

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A conceptual model is a representation of concepts which are used to help people know, understand or simulate a subject represents. Moreover, a model is used to create the various hypothesis which can be used to test in the laboratory study or which can be utilized for explaining in a case study. The goal of this assignment is to explore three models of evidence-based practice (EBP) that may interest the authors and give an explanation. Although several models are used in research, this paper will only highlight three specific models and provide a summary, strengths, weaknesses and a model that will be utilized by in a particular practice.

John Hopkins Nursing Evidence- Based Practice Model:

The used of evidence-based practice
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This model stipulates how to overcome particular challenges of the volume in research evidence and the integration of expertise and patient preferences into the best practices. This model is base on five elements. The first element is discovery where knowledge is generated, and new knowledge is discovered through research methodologies and scientific inquiry. The second component of the star model is evidence summary which represents the synthesis of all available knowledge compile into a single statement such as, systematic review. The third phrase in the star model is the translation into action where combining the existing evidence with expertise into evidence-based clinical practice. The forth the element in the start model is integration into practice and is aligned to reflect the best practices. The final phase in the star model is evaluation and examine the impact of evidence base practice on patients’ health outcomes and …show more content…
This model requires the impute of nurses about different barriers and facilitator of EBP. The use of menthol plays a significant role in the implementation of this model. The implementation of the ARCC model in the healthcare system can enhance clinicians’ beliefs and the application of evidence-based care to improve patient outcomes and move the organizational culture towards EBP. The first step to the ARCC model is an assessment of the organization culture and readiness for EPB.

Compared and contrast the three models strengths and weaknesses:

Models are an important concept in evidence-based practice. While examining the various models, each presents its strength and weaknesses. For example, in the model of John Hopkins integrate cultural values into evidence-based practice. On the other hand, the star model recommends important strategies to overcome challenges in research. Moreover, the star model incorporates patient preferences into best practice.

Select EBP that you will implement into your

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