Assignment 2 Psychology Your Way

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Psychology Assignment 2

For the second assignment I chose option two: psychology your way. During this quarter we learned about cognition and the different theories like, piaget 's theory of the 5 stages of cognitive development and Erikson 's stages of human development. I wanted to show how we think, act, and behave differently at different ages. For a few years now, I 've been helping teach dance classes at my studio and I thought that showing how we teach different age levels would be a good way to tie psychology in this. Because there are so many types of dance I chose to only look at one style of dance. For this assignment I chose to look at al levels of ballet classes, from ages 3-18. The reason why I chose ballet is because there are
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We use a lot of props like, hoola hoops and pool noodles to aid teach the kids things like, leaps and échappé sauté. We also use things like stuffed animals and toy horses. All of these props are used to help teach of the basic ballet steps. For classes with children this age, it is important that we talk to them in a fun and caring way, and that the we phrases questions differently then we would for older children. The duration of a class for this age only lasts 45 minutes. During this time we do a lot of different activities, from stretching in fun ways, to going across the floor and even letting the kids do their own thing. However, with a class this young, you cannot do something for much longer than five minutes, otherwise the kids start misbehaving and do not listen. Additionally, at this age we start teaching them the vocabulary and terms of each new step they learn. At the end of a class we ask the kids to form a straight line and give each one of them a sticker for doing a good …show more content…
Like the intermediate level, the duration of the class is also one hour and a half. The ballet class itself is basically the same as the lower levels, you start at the bar, then go to the center, and then go across the floor. However, the dancers learn more intricate combinations and steps, and add the the basic ones. For example, a double pirouette should become a quad and any petit allegro step, beats should be added. These classes will usually be spent all on point. Dancers within this age range should also have a great deal of control and

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