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  • Vicksburg: A Turning Point In The Civil War

    WAR USAACE NCOA SSG Chad M. West 15Z SLC 17-003 SFC Maradol The Battle of Vicksburg was a collective land and naval battle that ensured a strategic location for the Union Army (Burden, 2000). Although, not as well-known as the Battle of Gettysburg or Fort Sumter, this was a tremendous victory for the Union Army as it helped to establish a much needed supply chain. Also, to note, the actual timeframe of the battle only lasted a couple of months, the push for this small town and port…

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  • Liar, Temptress, Spy Essay

    like the boys. Even though her parents didn’t have money she still received a good education. Belle’s spy career started by chance, she never thought she would do it, especially being only 17 years old. One day some Union soldiers heard she had Confederate flags in her room and they…

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  • The Civil War: The Battle Of Shiloh

    Tennessee and lasting just two days, more than twenty thousand confederate and union soldiers lost their lives. The violent battle was critical for General Ulysses S. Grant and the union because it secured the Mississippi waterway. It also demonstrated just how much grit it was going to take to win the war. America had never seen so much bloodshed in a single battle. It was the battle of Shiloh that set the tone for the Union and Confederate armies, proving that this war will be fought until…

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  • Andersonville Prison

    captured soldiers would march in a group surrounded by Confederate soldiers to the closest boxcar that would be able to transport the group to Andersonville prison or they would march to the shore to be transported by ship. During the trip the prisoners would hardly be fed and would usually live off of cornmeal, sometimes potatoes if the prisoners could barter for them, and very rarely raw meat that the prisoners had to cook…

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  • James Mcinntosh Research Paper

    of him. James McQueen McIntosh was to become a General in the confederate army, and fight not side by side with his brother John in the Union, but fight on the opposite side with his Arkansas troops for the confederate cause. Colonel James Simmons McIntosh, and Eliza McIntosh- Shumate were blessed with a son named James McQueen McIntosh who later became Brigadier General for the 1st and 2nd Arkansas mounted rifles of the confederate Army fighting in 2 battles Wilson’s Creek, and Pea Ridge. James…

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  • Battle Of Bull Run Research Paper

    proximity to the city of Manassas, Virginia, and it is the first major victory of the confederacy against the Union. These two battles were the first major land battles of the Civil War. The union army was under Brig. Gen. Irvin McDowell who marched from Washington against the confederate army . The confederate victory gave the South a surge of confidence and shocked many in the North . There were two Battles of Bull Run, however, the first battle was more significant than the second one. The…

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  • Analysis: How The Rebels Could Have Won The Battle Of Gettysburg

    turning point of the Civil War, and involved the largest number of casualties of the entire war. It is indisputable that regardless of the outcome, significant amounts of lives would have been lost in this unexpected battle between the Union and Confederate Armies. However, if certain intelligence factors were different, would there have been an alternative outcome to the battle? The objective of this paper is to dive into the Battle of Gettysburg and address some of the key points where…

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  • The Role Of African American Spies In The Civil War

    women played a huge role and were perfect because they were easily trusted and viewed as a non-threat. African Americans were also great spies because they had direct access to conversation as they were serving and cooking for both the union army and Confederates. However, during the civil war, most spies that were captured were executed. Certain espionage exploits by African Americans during the Civil War have come to be known and are a part of history. The stories of…

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  • Gettysburg Turning Point

    Battle of Chancellorsville,Virginia, in May 1863, Lee wanted to lead his Confederate army in their second invasion of the North the Gettysburg Campaign. Lee wanted to threaten Northern cities, weaken the North’s appetite for war and, especially win a major battle on Northern soil. Maj. Gen. Meade moved the Northern army between Lee and Washington D.C. When Lee found out the Meade was in Pennsylvania, Lee concentrated all of his army around Gettysburg ( Most people know that the…

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  • Bull Run Thesis

    as well as the soldiers conditions, brought about the loss of many ties and lives which even today have not been forgotten and influence our society. The secession of the Southern states, now the Confederate…

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