Confederate States Army

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  • According To Hurst's Book Report

    Another battle that the Confederates won was Chancellorsville. Hurst describes how the Union was not prepared for the battle and that contributed to their downfall which the Confederates could interpret as an excuse. “The truth was that neither the commander of the corps nor of the respective divisions whose duty it was to guard the flank had made any preparation to meet the enemy in that direction; The attack of his massed column of 20,000 was a surprise from which the men could not recover- a…

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  • Explain How Was Gettysburg A Turning Point In The Civil War

    north The battle of Gettysburg acted as a separating agent for the two armies, and after the battle, the north regained the upper hand. The battle was so effective for an enormous array of reasons, one of which being the geography of the battlefield, the undulating elevation of the ground made for an entire battlefield of upper ground. Secondly, death, obviously a large part of the battle, quite literally a no brainer, both armies lost a considerable amount of troops but the south lost a few…

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  • Bloodhounds Research Paper

    soldiers who escaped from Confederate prison camps. A man named Butler, the owner of the orchard, had threatened peach-seeking soldiers with the dogs. The 22nd, 28th Iowa regiments had been encamped on Shultzer’s Hill with another Iowa regiment, the 24th, since May 19. This high ground…

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  • Soldiers In The Union Camp Analysis

    them just darker (134). Unlike Lee the confederate commander who believes a black man can never be equal to a white man (3). After the encounter he felt a little disgusted which made him ashamed of himself that he felt that way (136). Encountering the black man showed the thoughts and values of the union army.…

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  • The Red Badge Of Courage Language Analysis

    its realism about the civil war. He is commended for his deft use of figurative language and symbolism to depict the morbid reality of war. In The Red Badge of Courage, Crane not only analyzes the struggle of a union soldier fighting to reunite the states, he also studies the internal back-and-forth battle occurring in protagonist Henry Fleming’s mind. Henry’s unstable resolve, regarding his decision to run from battle or heroically risk his…

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  • The Killer Angels Analysis

    war that culminated in the victory of the Union Army. Shaara developed the story in the novel from the letters, journal entries, and memoirs written by the soldiers who fought the battle. One unique feature of the novel is the use of real-life characters who took part in the war including General James Longstreet, General Robert Lee, and General Chamberlain.…

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  • Battle Atlanta Battle

    resistance outside of Milledgeville in the town of Griswoldsville, Sherman’s 1,500 troops got rushed by 2,000 Confederate forces, eventually the remaining live Confederate forces left the battlefield to the Union forces leaving the path open for the assault on the Capitol. On the march to the Capitol…

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  • Battle At Nueces: A Brief Analysis

    During the referendum, Cooke County voted 221 to 137 against secession. Most citizens of the county accepted the results of the referendum. However, tensions aroused when the Confederate Congress passed the Conscription laws exempting certain slaveholders and overseers from service. Unionist feared “they might be forced to die for a cause they did not believe in while some slaveholders would not even have to fear the draft.”…

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  • The Killer Angels Character Analysis

    The Army of Northern Virginia and The Army of the Potomac warred for three years. Some soldiers fought over slavery; others fought to uphold the constitution. Despite the different reason for fighting, both armies succeeded in devastating destruction and death in the city of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. In the novel The Killer Angels, Michael Shaara gives readers an inside look into The Battle of Gettysburg by expressing the emotional struggles and internal conflicts of the soldiers involved. By…

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  • Confederate Soldier Statue Analysis

    The Confederate Soldier statue was built on the grounds of the Loudoun County Courthouse, which was built in Leesburg, VA in 1758. It has been a part of Loudoun history since then; serving as a jail, courthouse, legislature, and executive office. The statue, erected in 1908, depicts a confederate soldier aiming a rifle. Its purpose was to “serve as a memorial to the many Rebel soldiers who died fighting for the cause in which they believed” (as stated by In fact, the courthouse,…

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