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  • My Father Was A Broken Soldier Analysis

    Writer by Andre Dubus III sounds like it might take you through a wonderful journey of becoming an author. Much to my surprise the memoir was more about a broken soldier rather than an author. In the early years of Dubus’ life his father was never around because he was a Marine deployed in Japan. When his dad finally came home for good, his family seemed pretty solid and happy. They didn’t have much money, however, they hosted many parties and his father…

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  • The Intruder By Andre Dubus Analysis

    young teenage boy’s tolerance and self-control concept can be described in many ways. Some are already smoking and drinking by freshman year in high school; while some are watching a ton of pornography and masturbating daily. In Andre Dubus’s The Intruder, there was a young teenage boy named Kenneth Girard. Kenny did not know his identity and Dubus gave us many hints in the story to show us why he was so lost. Kenny was caught up with his religion which made him unsure about himself.…

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  • Killings By Andre Dubus Analysis

    The story “Killings” by Andre Dubus contains the physical and psychological conflict one deals in when it comes to the ones we love.”I Should kill him”(110), are the first thoughts someone can have when angry but do we really want to follow them through or do we say them to let off frustration never intending to act on in? Even when the act is completely thought through and can be executed, it's not the physical struggle to act but the conflict with in, on weather to act, that we have to face as…

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  • Andre Dubus Writing Style Analysis

    authors base their works of off. These styles can depict how the author is feeling, the world around them or an event in the past. The American author Andre Dubus displays a very unique type of writing. In Andre’s writing he writes mainly about the nature of actions and the struggles by which men experience when things go wrong. Andre’s life is filled with many tragic experiences in which transform to the style, themes, tone, and setting of his writings.…

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  • A Rose For Emily By Andre Dubus Analysis

    William Faulkner and “Killings,” written by Andre Dubus, are written nearly a hundred years apart, the fictional pieces of works both strongly resemble the need for love, jealousy, and revenge. Miss Emily feels that she has a need for the love nearly every woman wants, but she love, revenge kills Homer to prevent him from leaving. Frank who was an innocent young adult is brutally murdered by a jealous ex-husband, of a woman Frank was dating. Frank’s dad, Matt Fowler, revenge kills Richard…

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  • The Pursuit Of Revenge In Killings, By Andre Dubus

    There comes a time in everyone 's life where they have been wronged by another person. Whether it was someone stealing another your lunch out of the company fridge or finding out your lover has been carrying out an affair behind there back, it is human nature to want to seek revenge. However, taking the highroad and turning the other cheek is the moral thing to do. What if someone killed your only child would that change anything on the matter? In the short story titled “Killings”, author Andre…

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  • Short Story 'Killings' By Andre Dubus

    Andre Dubus’s short story, “Killings”, examines the psychology effects of other people after a person has been killed. The story discusses the ramifications of the original murder, the subsequent actions of “justice,” and finally how the character go on with their lives. Dubus clearly examines how one family deals with the death of their youngest son. “Killings”, written in a very disconnected manner starts with no beginning details. Throughout the entire story Dubus never takes a side, never…

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  • Analysis Of A Father's Story By Andre Dubus

    love of the daughter. "A Father's Story," by Andre Dubus explores the love of a father to his daughter that he is willing to protect her even if the process calls for him to sacrifice part of himself. To protect his daughter, the father is forced to undergo challenges, a conflict of the mind and his values. In the story, Luke Ripley who is the protagonist drops his core principles and ethical values purposely to protect his daughter. I agree that the central conflict in "A Father's story" is a…

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  • Analysis Of Andre Dubus 'Townie: A Memoir'

    What would you give up to achieve happiness? 1960’s America answered that question in the form of declining family values. This era ushered in an increase of irresponsibility affecting families; namely the children of those families. In 2011, an award winning fiction author, Andre Dubus III, published his memoir “Townie: A Memoir,” a non-fiction work. It is a story of a young boy’s ending childhood at the hands of his father’s pursuit of becoming a writer and the accompanying lifestyle that…

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  • The Fat Girl Andre Dubus Analysis

    “One Hundred and Eighty Four Pound Louise” In Andre Dubus’ short story “The Fat Girl” (125) he gives us insight into eating disorders and mental health from the late 1960’s to the early 1970’s. Throughout this piece he uses formal language along with a third person narrator to illustrate how someone could lead a double life; like that of “fat” (126) and “thin” (136) Louise. This story uses the characters opinion of self, societal influence, as well as neglect and lack of support to bring…

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