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  • The OLI Eclectic Model

    A well referenced internationalisation theory for explaining MNCs’ outward foreign direct investment is Dunning’s Eclectic model (Dunning, 1980). The eclectic model is often referred to as the OLI paradigm borne out of the insufficiencies of the ealier FDI theories especially that of Hymer’s competitve advantage and industrial organisation theory (Dunning and Rugman, 1985). Dunning (1988) asserts that MNCs engage in foreign production to capitalize on three sets of advantages in an attempt to…

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  • EGYDRUG Case Study

    1. Abstract: EGYDRUG, which is a pharmaceutical wholesaler/distributer, plays a very important role in the Egyptian pharmaceutical market and because of its nature as public business sector organization it is strongly affects the Egyptian economy and acts as a safeguard to the health care sector. During the last years EGYDRUG lost its market share. This paper assesses EGYDRUG service quality, studies the relationships between service quality, customer satisfaction and market share and introduces…

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  • Advantages Of Local Online Marketing

    What is local online marketing? When we talk about local online marketing we 're talking about the strategies available to local businesses for promoting their brand, services or products online. Theses local online marketing strategies should ultimately build more awareness around your company helping you to find new customers and increase sales. There are numerous ways to use local online marketing from social media to affiliate advertising. Here at miamedia we focus on two main areas, local…

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  • Pros And Disadvantages Of Facebook

    As I was researching for this, it came to me that I may be considered behind the times to most social media users. I do not Twitter, I do not connect with other professionals via LinkedIn, I do not utilize my Google account to its fullest potential and I almost never watch YouTube. The only site I am familiar with is Facebook. I am not sure if this makes the other sites inferior or I simply to do not have the time. However as a business owner, I believe that the first place you would want to…

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  • Trade Show Assignment

    Team members will be informed of objective of attending the trade show and individual goals and responsibilities. Marketing and sales representatives will be responsible for obtaining at least 10 qualified international distributor, beer maker will be responsible for preparing instant fresh beer and the language specialist will be responsible for assisting the marketing and sales team as well as the beer maker to achieve their goals by assisting with language issues.  Submit orders to MYRON…

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  • Marketing Decision Making: Marketing, Decision-Making

    Marketing –Decision Making. It’s a dream of every business to reach to unlimited customers. Customers who will be a profit making pillar of the business. This dream takes about 75% of planning time. But it all lies within the scope of “marketing”. Marketing, in its simple, definitive form, is setting strategies that will aid in reaching to potential customers to increase profitability. It becomes so difficult to make decisions that will influence marketing in whichever business one is involved…

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  • Basic Elements Of Lead Management

    If at all you find your prospects browsing your web pages or website, it defines their interest and if they make further actions like signing up or filling a form then it defines their intention. Therefore, you make it sure that your sales and marketing departments understand these differences. Website Design Design of a website is usually considered as the basic element of lead generation. Create a prospect friendly website that is easily accessible anytime along with better loading speed of…

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  • Product Failure Essay

    In the world of marketing there are several reasons that a new product may fail in its beginning phases. It is important for the product managers to do their research as well as be sure on which demographic audience he/she is trying to reach. In this paper we will discuss five reasons a product may fail in the beginning stages. One reason is called Myopic Growth Strategy this theory centers on a products longevity up against other competitive items. If the brand or product does not offer the…

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  • Analysis Of Gentleman's Barbershop

    4. Market Analysis Summary The Gentlemen’s Barbershop will be firstly operated in Palmerston North and targeted the customers for adult boys and men only. As a student city, it is a good place to open a barbershop business since Palmerston North has so many potential customers that might meet Gentlemen’s Barbershop target. For example, the students in Palmerston North, who will bring more possibilities to be customers for the Gentlemen’s Barbershop. In addition, because the number of student…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Network Marketing

    portunities Cost effective Network Marketing Advertising that will Enchance Your Business Organization - Made Simple By Damon Lichter Nov 15, 2012 You 'll have to invest a specific quantity of money into network marketing advertising, but there aren 't too many alternative ways of promoting a product without it. Many new network marketing pros fail to appreciate this idea, advertising is really an investment if it 's working and they miss their chance at making a good income. You may not see…

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