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  • The Role Of Internet And Travel Technology In Travel Industry

    self check-in to hotel room, free Wi-Fi and free movie services, a table to control the blinds and lighting in every hotels room. CitizenM also cut the concierges and dining rooms services, as DIY travellers do not intend to use it any more. CitizenM’s business model has become common and many hotel companies have adopted, including hotels in London Z Hotels, Qbic, and Yotel for the business traveller market(Fitzpatrick, e3 media 2015). Mobile booking The innovation of technology in smartphone continuous to grow and its device adoption remain in providing a better service hotel booking via smartphone. According to eMarketer analysis, 148.3 million people used online booking in 2014, 65%of booking were made the same-day hotel booking and reservation with a smartphone. eMarketer also predicted that by 2016 most digital traveller will use mobile devices to book their holiday. The growing wave via smart phone booking is resulting consumer confidence used in mobile, along with business strategy to provide pricing information. Hotels, online travel agent and airlines that are already delivering a perfect experiences are now adding a new value into customer context and making a easier booking on mobile device, flexible customer preference management and extend their involvement in customer’s trips (Fitzpatrick, e3 media paper 2015). The innovation of mobile technology has impact on consumer behaviors is obvious and persistent. Google reports that 90% of travellers use more than one…

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  • Yatra Case Study is India’s leading online travel company. Positioned as a brand that believes in "Creating Happy Travelers", we provide information, pricing, availability, and booking facility for domestic and international air travel, hotel bookings, holiday packages and bus and railway reservations. We offer a host of travel services designed to make business and leisure travel easier. Based in Gurgaon, India, is a one-stop-shop for all travel-related services. A leading consolidator of…

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  • British Airways Website Analysis

    2.2 Navigation Functions each airline websites provided in navigation are various such as flight booking, flight information, travel information, holiday packages (car rental and hotel booking), manage booking, promotions and club rewards, etc. Flight information mainly referred to the flying experience such as travel classes, meals, entertainment and baggage. Travel information introduced destination guides, visas and travel news related to airlines’ routes. Each airline websites did not…

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  • Winter In The Blood And House Made Of Dawn Analysis

    The narrator in House Made of Dawn follows Abel, which gives him an outside view and a less personal one. However, the narrator in House Made of Dawn gives a better understanding of the whole situation. The narrator in House Made of Dawn follows his own self. This allows him to give more specific details, but more a more one sided view. In addition to the differences above there is one more. The narrator in House Made of Dawn follows events that take place both on and off of the reservation.…

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  • The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian By Sherman Alexie Analysis

    chooses to leave his reservation school, Wellpinit, attends a predominantly white school off-reservation called Reardan. While there, many of Junior’s friends and family die from alcohol related incidents. It is interesting that this occurs because these are the long term effects of colonialism not often addressed accurately in media. Historically, many native american people were forced to attend boarding schools, while Junior makes a choice to leave the alcohol, poorness, and sadness. Alexie,…

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  • Casino Gaming On Native Americans Analysis

    In New Capitalists: Law, Politics, and Identity Surrounding Casino Gaming on Native American Land, Eve Darian-Smith dives in and explicitly discusses the contemporary social issue in regards to Indian versus non-Indian oppositions about the growth of Indian reservation casinos. She begins by explaining the ill treatment of Native Americans in the United States from the time when Columbus came to shore and proceeds to explain how this led to their handling and stereotyping by the non-Indian…

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  • Territorial Expansion DBQ

    Americans were outraged by Britain’s actions and overwhelming voted for war in the House of Representatives (Doc B) with most of the supporting voters coming from the south (Doc B). The War of 1812 truly had no outcome but it did solidify the American’s independence and starts and era of increased expansion and nationalism. In 1828, Andrew Jackson was elected as president and his main policies were anti-Indian and expansionist. To clear out more space for expansion, Jackson forced the six…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Reservation Of Indian

    The reservation of Indian The reservation of Indian was filled of bloody at first. In the early 19th century, the United States was expanding territory. They hold the" go west", which triggered the conflict between new immigrants and the local Indians. In order to protect the new immigrants, at that time, the U.S. government established many so-called Indians "reservation", so a large number of Indians were rushed to the barren reservation. This so-called reservation is prisoner and even…

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  • Arnold Spirit Analysis

    Arnold Spirit Jr, the main character in this novel written by Sherman Alexie, is a fourteen year old Indian boy who lives in a reservation. He is in the centre of the story and he leads the reader through it. He also describes the scheme by expressing his feelings. He looks weird according to his own description. His body is skinny because his family sometimes has no food because they’re poor. When he was born he had too much brain grease, he was hydrocephalic. Junior seems to be handicapped…

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  • African Americans View Of Freedom Essay

    Native Americans also had hardships forced upon them by the government. The 1887 Dawes Act redistributed their tribal lands, and sold a lot of it to whites. The Natives were told to assimilate to “civilized” ways and farm so that they could become American citizens. Within fifty years, tribal land had been cut down from 138 million to eighty-six million acres. When some natives tried to find comfort in the Ghost Dance, this scared troops and caused them to attack their reservation. They…

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