The Role Of Internet And Travel Technology In Travel Industry

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4. Digital technology innovation 4.1 The role of Internet and travel agents The emerging of travel and tourism has depended extensively on information and communication technologies (ICT) for managing the quality of tourism traffic. The development of Internet gives opportunities to SME- travel agents to reach out global customers and suppliers. ICT innovation is increasingly important for management and marketing of tourism and travel agents Company. They also assist travel agents to determine customer-behavior of decision-making process from product search to consumption. According to Heung 2003, bricks-and-mortal travel agents are under threat of competing online booking server of the travel industry (Heung, 2003, Standing et al.,) Changing …show more content…
Retail travel agents have been advised to adopt new strategy of reintermediation in order to survive in the global travel market (Barnett and Standing, 2001). Digital technology in travel industry Technologies create innovation in customer services and provide more convenient and connected experience with satisfaction seamless product. Innovation technology enables customer to use self-service technology from dropping luggage at airport to hotel self check –in services. Customers have gladly adopted new technologies and use self-service to avoid waiting time, a long with travel and tourism industry companies are also adopted. Mckinsey’s David Edelman is a global co-leader of digital and marketing who recognized the evolution of mobile in customer journey pointed out that companies must adopt a different approach to understand their customer’s decision-making process. His ideas focused on three main areas: discover, design and deliver. Discover: companies must develop engagement strategies to analyze customer behaviors and knowledge with the band as well as the use of use of customer mobile and social media

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