The Impact Of The Use Of Inbuilt SP On Customer Experience

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Enhancing customer experience has been a growing priority for marketers as it can be a core source of strengths for holding competitive advantage in the highly-competitive battleground. It is reported that the revenue produced from service based on the pleasant customer experience has increased to 75% and 85% of the whole economic growth in the USA and the UK, respectively (Tidd and Bessant, 2013). However, customers today are no longer easily to be pleased or tricked because they are more informed and active than ever before due to easier access to internet and other sources of information. Hence, increasing emphasis has been placed by practitioners (particularly online companies) on their customer experience building in order to win more …show more content…
But little attention to how it would look like if companies build their own social platforms (SPs) encompassing inside social media or social network sites (SNSs).Thus this paper attempts to study the impact of the use of inbuilt SP on customer overall experience by linking two emerging phenomena of social platforms (SPs) as well as customer engagement and customer co-creation value. For this objective, varieties of dimensions of the inbuilt SP (e.g. its working principle and characteristics) are discussed in this research based on the the theoretical underpinning demand-pull framework which provides a in-depth and critical analysis of the impact of consumers’ needs towards e-business’s technological improvement, and subsequently test if the new offering (here means the inherent SP) can deal with the problem (i.e. Demand from users) from customer perspective by studying the influence of their perceptions of the online purchase supported by the inbuilt SP on their overall experience. After this, relating hypotheses are made according to previous empirical studies. Then, the primary data was collected by the online survey software based on Alibaba Company in a quantitative way. Next, the author analyzes the data using techniques including coding, sample segmentation, SPSS and structural equation model. Lastly, all above lead to the conclusion that inbuilt social platforms indeed has a positive effect on improving customer experience by affecting their cognitive perceptions through offering them more convenience, pleasant functionality and physical gains (e.g. Profitability,

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