Article Critique Of Understanding Restauranter Experience Throughout The Customer Journey

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Article Critique of “Understanding Customer Experience Throughout the Customer Journey”
Mark DeBarge
ENG 501
Trine University
November 22, 2017

Article Critique of “Understanding Customer Experience Throughout the Customer Journey”
My Connection I selected this topic for my article critique due to its importance in the overall profitability of a company. Just because a company can provide a great product or service, it does not guarantee that the products or services the company provides will be purchased by the consumer. Companies need to thoroughly understand the customer experience as it relates to the customer’s journey along the entire decision-making process.
Katherine N. Lemon and Peter C. Verhoef (2016) article “Understanding
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All aspects need to be considered, from pre-purchase to post-purchase, to everything in between. The article supports the authors’ claims for companies to be forward thinking in their approach when it comes to creating the ultimate customer experience. I would recommend this article to middle level business managers who desire to know more about how to place value on the customer experience to make a positive impact for the customer and for the company’s profit margin.


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