Presto Cleaner Case Study

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Mr. Shelton is upset because of many reasons. Presto Cleaner failed both in the service and with the customer. For many years he has been a loyal customer of Presto Cleaner’s and he didn’t received the treatment he deserved. Even if he tried to contact the company several times, he didn’t received an answer nor a call. He’s trubled because of the lack of communication between the company and customers. According to him, Presto Cleaner didn’t try to understand or solve his problem and at the same time it didn’t give any explanation of what wa happening to make him feel better.
He is upset because of:
• The loss of his clothes
• The lack of customer service
The first one comes from an organizational problem as the program has been tested only
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In conclusion, to make up for all these mistakes, Mr. Sewickeley should send a letter of apologize signed by both him and Mr. Hoffner. In this letter he should underline that what happened was inadmissible and unacceptable and Presto Cleaner doesn’t want to lose Mr. Shelton as he’s an important client for the company. Moreover he should agree to reimburse his clothes or at least part of them.

One of the most important goals of a company is the satisfaction of clients. Every company should take care of its customers and offer them the best experience.
In order to offer an excellent service, Presto cleaner should introduce
• periodical surveys to monitor customers’ level of satisfaction
• a training program for employees
Survey is an easy and quick way to know people’s experience with the company service. It’s the best way to take information from customers by sending an e-mail. This information allows companies to find and prevent errors and complaints. Actually surveys highlight the parts that need an improvement in quality and the areas to focus its energy and on which spending time and
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Sometimes the service offered by a company doesn’t satisfy customers’ requirements. In order to join up with customers’ concept, managers can refer to Service Gaps Quality. There are 5 main gaps.
The first one is between customer expectations and manager perception. It occurs when management doesn’t understand what the client really need. It comes from the lack of communication and relationship. With accurate marketing researches it can be reduced.
The second gap goes from company perception of customer expectation to service quality specification. Managers need to explain to employees what they should do and therefore/consequently make sure to provide a successful service. It may be caused by insufficient planning strategies in PDCA method.
The following gap is between service designs and standards and service delivery. It may get worse if employees aren’t qualified or properly trained.
Then the fourth refers to the distance between service delivery and external communications to customers. Actually the company make promises that cannot be

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