Business Strategy Case Study: Delta Airline Industry

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of first class tickets. They both are known as a “premier” airline with the ability to offer high-quality service. As of January 2018, Delta had a market capitalization of $42 billion and reported FY 2017 revenue of 41.2 billion; it is one of the highest performers in the sector over the last five years. But United is the founding member of Star alliance, which is comprised of 27 different airlines, totaling more than 22.5 billion and quarterly earns of 9.9 billion. This place United as the largest U.S. carrier. But, where United has expanded, Delta is still the best-performing airlines in the world. Delta, is known for their customer care and luxury, and maintaining its upper middle class and business travel customer base. While United airlines …show more content…
I judge customer satisfaction to be what sets one business apart from others and when achieving long-term sustainability, a business needs brand loyalty that will overpower their competitors.
The core competencies of a corporate strategy should be focused on ensuring that the business entity can satisfy the needs and preferences of their customers. This stands as the main determinant in realizing above average returns especially in a highly competitive business environment. High quality service is more appealing and if a company portrays a low-cost image then people will be willing to pay a few more dollars for premium service.
Slow-cycle and fast-cycle
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Regan National Airport is a great example of new technology and changes in a great way, without pushing the cost up, in 2017, Reagan National now offers Delta customers fingerprints instead of their boarding passes, this new biometric boarding pass is combined with the “CLEAR” to board without boarding passes, the future is coming and Delta is the forefront of it. Advancement is what helps businesses succeed if the industry is a slow or fast cycle market, more luxury for less is what attracts customers to become a patron.
Wrap up
As always, any business or cooperation, first must know who they are trying to reach and then what they are trying to achieve. This takes a great business-level strategy and corporate-level strategy to be successful. Once this balance has been completed, then the task begins to put in place those strategies to work and try to become very successful at doing so.
Knowing what your company is trying to accomplish is a great way to begin your journey. Delta does this by being involved in their customer’s needs, employee’s needs, and the wants of the global need. Consequently, customers are now more knowledgeable about the price and airlines utilize such tools as the Internet to streamline the ticket selling by forward integrating of intermediaries which will save money and enable airlines to gain control over their distribution channels and shape customer

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