Qantas Case Study

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Marketing is the process of first developing a product and then implementing a series of timely strategies aimed at the timely promotion, pricing and distribution of the product to the core group of retailers and potential consumers in the marketplace. Marketing, through the use of a marketing plan connect business like Qantas’s market. Product and promotion are the the main thing for Qantas’s success.

The implementation of marketing strategies that satisfy the needs of the end consumer has delivered long term, highly profitable results for Qantas. Combination of strategies they used, is known as a marketing mix
Promotion and


Situational analysis Qantas develop the most crucial step of the marketing plan is that
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This graph indicates the performance of Qantas through years. The graph also shows that Qantas experiencing Maturity, It could be because of Qantas’s main competitor, virgin who is doing very well this year and the fall in the value of Australian dollar.

Market research Market research is the process of collecting, analysing information concerning a specific marketing problem. Qantas is trying to achieve competitive advantages by getting the information an understanding of the demands of the customers, market demand, analysis of competitors in the market.

Marketing Objective in Qantas Marketing objectives are the goals that business wants to achieve through marketing plan.
Qantas Objectives include : Increase revenue by 10% in 2019
Enhanced partnership ( with Emirates and American Airlines in Particular ) to expand their international
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In 2012 Qantas released launched a multi-million dollar advertising campaign ‘you’re the reason we fly’, featuring Silverchair frontman, Daniel Johns. In 2013 this much criticised campaign was ditched and a gentle instrumental version of ‘ I still call Australia’ was introduced. In 2014 Qantas released its ‘feel like home’ campaign based on real life stories of passengers on their journey home. Qantas is trying to use more direct marketing because it’s cheaper and much more effective way to target corporations.
Sales promotion : ( short term inducements) particularly in periods of subdued demand. When Qantas first launched jetstar it released 100,000 tickets at $49. In 2018, Qantas launched a two-for one ticket sale, which allowed a second passenger to fly for the costs of taxes and charges.

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