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  • M-Commerce Security Case Study

    “M-Commerce Security” by Laurie J. Fundukian Over the past years’ mobile devices and mobile telephones have been used worldwide now. According to L.J.Fundukian (2012), “The emergence of the wireless tablet computer, m-commerce is emerging as a major player in the world of retailing, social networking, and entertainment and the main potential threat from mobile device use is identity theft”. Computers and other mobile devices can be scrutinized by malicious codes for personal information such as name, address, phone number etc. These computer threats are going onto the mobile and wireless networks which can be a major security threat for users. Some of the issues in e-commerce security are: A) Users are not informed of being susceptible to cyber-attacks. B) There is sometimes a lack of device power in that high point internet software application demand speed and memory which is still absent from some…

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  • What Are The Five Steps Of The Hacking Process

    The NIST publication 800-42 describes penetration and security testing. 10. According to the NIST document, what are the four phases of penetration testing? a. The four phases of a penetration test are Planning, Discovery, Attack, and Reporting. 11. Why would an organization want to conduct an internal penetration test? a. An organization would want to conduct an internal penetration test to get a better understanding of their network from an outsider, and to make sure that their internal…

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  • Cyber Security In Healthcare

    Mostly, Security standards, administrative safeguards, technical safeguards, physical safeguards are important to prevent from breaches and fraud and abuse. According to provided guidelines and rules, several measures in security as end to end process rather than a just security product. Those are briefly mentioned: 1. Establishing security culture by training workforce and incorporating good practices. 2. Protecting mobile devices by password protection and encryption of data in…

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  • Costco Firewalls: A Case Study

    As part of the overall risk model, we have already illustrated the threats and attacks that are possible on the Costco’s IT infrastructure with the likelihood of attacks that can exploit the identified vulnerabilities, which may eventually pose an extensive threat to the Costco’s operations including missions, functions, image, and reputation as well as to the organizational assets, linked organizations, and the consumers. Costco’s privacy policy clearly enunciated the significance of customer’s…

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  • Cyber Security Issues Essay

    The internet’s expansion since its first communication between two computers back in 1969 has created many new opportunities for people across the globe. Modern day life relies on the usage of the internet, where it improves the lives of people by making it easier to communicate, speed up their work, and share with others. However, with great things comes great consequences. Although the internet helps expand people’s lives and experiences, how are they to protect such precious treasures? Back…

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  • Dead Poets Society: Privacy Management Theory

    The concept of self-disclosure is best explained and illustrated through Privacy Management Theory. In a basic sense, Privacy Management Theory explains how people treat personal information, what conditions affect self-disclosure, and why people choose to self-disclose information in a relationship (Guerrero, Andersen, & Afifi, 2014). The two guiding principles of the theory are that people have “ownership” of and create “boundaries” for personal information (Guerrero, Andersen, & Afifi, 2014).…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of GPS Technology

    On-time customer service crates happy customers. Equipping business cars with GPS can lift a lot of the strain out of business travel. Smartphones. Smartphones beside having the same business benefits of regular cell phone such as keeping mobile employees in touch it has more features like powerful business applications and easy internet access. Having mobile invoicing software, email and calendars let employees and owners to be always up-to-date on business happenings and respond quickly to…

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  • Analyzing The Movie 'Nerve'

    technology. Nerve is a 2016 mystery and crime film that tells a story about a game. It is a life within a game. The people who are watching are going to dare you to do something. Everyone can join; you can choose either play or watch. If you choose watch, you can see the player and be able to ask the player to do a dare. If you choose player, you have to do the dare. Every dare has an equivalent price, which is a money. The hardest dare, the higher the money you can get. You can play the game…

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  • Ethical Hacking And Information Security

    it is always threatened by various types of security issues, which are mostly due to hackers, their bots and malicious scripts. They attacks, corrupts, collects and destroys the essential information in the system of the valuable organizations. To stop their such harmful and hazardous activities or to take preventive measures, most organizations now started to keep their own hackers who are known as ethical hackers or white hat hackers. This paper is based on what exactly an ethical hacker does,…

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  • Cultural Factors: Tian And Information Technology

    cross-cultural, so business executives should pay more attentions to multiple cultures and be respected. Tian and Lan (2009) argued that, if the competitors who want to be the winner among the ecommerce market, the marketing strategies should meet the value and customs of the target market and respect the culture such as traditional festivals. According to Higgins (2015), online sales rates of iPhone have boosted 38% during the 2015 Chinese New Year, which is regarded as the most essential…

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