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  • The Importance Of My Young Son

    I have learnt in more ways than one never to underestimate my young son after all he is always letting me know “mommy I am a genius”. He has proven this to me at a early age of three this was in Two Thousand and Five. I had left for work as usual on this particular day said bye to my mom kiss D’Andre good bye be a good boy today don’t give grandma any headaches today I told him little did I know the day would turn into such drama. While at work I got a call from my mom she sounded awfully stressed almost in tears I asked her what is the problem she said Kim I can’t find Miss Valerie’s keys I know I put them on top of the refrigerator (Miss Valerie is my neighbor who lives across the street from us), she said I am positive about putting up there because I was hiding them from DD because he likes to play with them and I don’t want him to lose them. I said to her are you sure about putting them there she said positive you know how old people can sometimes be forgetful well this was not to be one of these instances. I then told my mother to ask Miss Valerie’s’ son Travis to help her locate the key and call me back about two hours later she called back I still haven’t found it, I said to her are you sure DD hasn’t taken it up she reiterated I am sure he cannot reach it where I put it…

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  • Between Bobby Sr., Travon, Mariah, Melissa, And Bobby Jr.

    between Travon and the family friend, Bobby Jr took is juice box and dumped it on the visiting room floor. When the visit came to an end Bobby Sr. walked the children to the car. Tarvon ran out into the street. The CA called for Travon to come back to the side walk. She stated that Bobby Jr. was following him into the street. He has to pay attention, because he is the example he is sitting for his brother and Bobby Jr. wanted to follow him out in the road. The birth mother called Bobby Sr. again…

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  • My Mom

    My mother was a young girl when she lived in Mexico. She lived in Mexico when she was nine years old with her other older siblings and with her mother too. Her father was never around that much with the family, and that it was difficult for her mom to be doing things around the house by herself. I have never known how my grandfather did not help with my grandmother with anything around the house, so she decided to leave the Country of Mexico and go to the United States. My mother never went…

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  • Mom Biography

    I was born in Fresno, California in 1977. My mom was nine teen when I was born. My mom and dad broke up before I was born. I mainly stayed with my mom, two aunts, or with my maternal grandmother. My dad would pick me for a couple of days a week until I was two. When I was two my mom started seeing my soon to be stepdad. After they got married my dad stopped coming around. I have not seen my bio dad since I was two. I grow up in yours, mine, and our family. I was my mom’s, my step sister…

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  • Teen Mom Analysis

    think shows like Teen Mom have now began to glamorize teen pregnancy because of the money and capitalism that goes on behind the scenes, that TV viewers are unable to see. In the first season of Teen Mom, which was originally called Sixteen and Pregnant, this show seemed more realistic, displaying financial, relationship, and family strains and difficulties because of a teenage pregnancy than Teen Mom that is not being shown on TV for young girls to watch. The mothers on Teen Mom are in a very…

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  • Essay On Perfect Mom

    Ignorance is bliss; I have thought so quite often in my race to be the perfect mom. There is so much science behind everything we do today. There is child development research, brain research, genetic research – all of which tell mothers what they should or should not be doing and how they should or should not be doing it! Raising children has become a science and mothers are trying to be scientists doing everything perfectly. This has created more stress for both mothers and children. And, the…

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  • Having A Teen Mom

    was heartbroken and left alone forced to raise her daughter on her own. Karina became a teenage mom and with the financial support of her parents, she managed to raise her daughter and earn her high school diploma. Today almost third-teen years later, Karina says that having her daughter has been her biggest blessing. Through Karina’s experience I was able to relive…

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  • Tiger Mom Essay

    When most moms have their first child, they want the best for them. What the definition of “best” means to these parents can differ. “Best” could be the happiest that they can be on their own accord, or it can mean that they lead a life with values going back generations. Tiger moms want their child to be better than all of their peers, they want to make sure that no matter what the child will not end up to be a failure. If the child is a failure, that could mean that the parent is also a…

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  • Women In The Nineteenth Century

    children were killed by guns accidentally. They did not know whether the gun was fake or real. The presence of unlocked guns in homes increases the risk of both unintentional gun injuries and intentional shootings. Almost no one in the government cared about the incident but women did. So, in 2000, women started Million Mom March with only few hundreds of women. The Million Mom March expanded to one million people and demanded the congress to pass the safe storage of gun law. Their opponents…

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  • Who Is My Mom

    Growing up I only had one steady parent, my mom. Her name is Adrienne, she is forty seven years old, and I owe her my life. Not just because she gave birth to me, but because she raised me by herself. She did everything in her power to make sure me, my brother and sister had a great childhood and opportunities in life. She taught me so much and the only thing I regret is that it took me this long to acknowledge her sacrifices for my life, something she did not have to do. My mom. Where do i…

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