Who Is My Mom

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Growing up I only had one steady parent, my mom. Her name is Adrienne, she is forty seven years old, and I owe her my life. Not just because she gave birth to me, but because she raised me by herself. She did everything in her power to make sure me, my brother and sister had a great childhood and opportunities in life. She taught me so much and the only thing I regret is that it took me this long to acknowledge her sacrifices for my life, something she did not have to do.
My mom. Where do i begin to describe her. I am not going to boast and say she is the best mom ever because she is not. There have been hardships and struggles but those are what helped shape me into the person I am today. All my life my mom tried to shelter me from the world.
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My dad was one of the fathers that popped up when it benefitted him. At least for me and my brother. He was in his other children's life. That taught me that even the people you thought would be on your team never really has your back. Even though he was not there he gave me one of the greatest life lessons; Not everyone was on your team. He also caused me to not live life. Because of him I had built a wall around my heart and for a long time my immediate family were the only people allowed inside that wall. I had trust issues with a lot of people especially guys because all my life that is who I was heart by. He also made me scared of commitment. When your own father who shares half of your DNA does not love you, you think who will love you. Slowly but steadily with the help of my mom and godparents I was able to tear that wall down and open up more.
I did not have the best childhood but knowing my mom did everything by herself made me look back and realize how good I had it. I was raised by a strong, independent woman; because of that I have have become a strong, independent, persevering, polite, God-fearing woman that I am today that does not worry about how people feel about . The only way I can think of to repay her to keep my promise to use every resource and be the best I can. I just want to make for

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