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  • Experiment Lost Momentum

    The graphs above demonstrate that there is a value, but theoretically this value should be zero. As demonstrated in Table 1, every trial lost momentum. As the formula for momentum is and the mass remained constant, the velocity must be the responsible factor. Additionally, the only the magnitude of is necessary to observe adherence to the conservation law. The conservation law states that should be equal to zero, and as this wasn’t observed in any trial, it can be said that the conservation law was ineffective in this system. This is also replicated in the loss of kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is being lost in the form of sound as the collision takes place. However, kinetic energy is a scalar quantity, therefore the difference between…

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  • Angular Momentum

    Angular velocity, with the addition of a product’s moment of inertia is what creates an angular momentum quantity (Bi 2014). Moving objects keep a constant velocity, however, if acted on by outside forces this would not occur. Say a moving object like, the planet Saturn keeps this constant speed, it thus keeps a constant momentum, since the system is conserved. This conserved system of the planet Saturn would be referred to as angular momentum, since Saturn rotates about an axis. Saturn is also…

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  • Investigative Experiment: The Law Of Conservation Of Momentum

    Table of Contents Introduction 2 Method 3 Results 4 Discussion 6 Conclusion 7 Plagiarism Report 6 Introduction The law of Conservation of Momentum states that the total linear momentum of an isolated system remains constant. This law is based on Newton’s third law (If body A exerts a force on body B, body B will exert an equal force but opposite force on body A). Thus when objects collide or explode apart, equal forces are exerted on the objects but in the opposite direction. The time of…

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  • Duck Hunting: The Principle Of Conservation Of Momentum

    principle of conservation of momentum. Despite the somewhat imposing name, this principle is actually quite intuitive in nature. To understand this principle, I utilize an example from my own life: duck hunting. While some may consider it a rather barbaric pastime, I rather enjoy the thrill of venturing into a marsh in the early hours of the morning and I love the satisfaction of dressing and cooking a prize. You know immediately when your shot is a successful one; a bird flying in one direction…

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  • Egg Drop Essay

    every crevice imaginable to add even more absorption power to the device. In its final state, the device comprises itself of a Gatorade bottle with an inner chamber, cotton balls in the inner chamber and all around the exterior of the bottle, rice in between the inner and outer chamber of the Gatorade bottle, and pool noodles around the outside. Upon the device’s drop at seventy-five feet, the conclusion that the device would not work unmasks itself. Once my group discovers that the device…

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  • The Importance Of Momentum Trading

    getting whipsawed. What is momentum trading Momentum trading is piggybacking on a market moving strongly in one direction. The sharp move can either be because of a news, an event or earnings release. Usually, most traders miss getting in at lower levels and are afraid to enter fast-moving markets. Without a proper strategy, momentum trading can be detrimental to your trading…

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  • Momentum And Reversal Essay

    Two of the most prominent financial-market anomalies are momentum and reversal. Momentum is the tendency of assets with good (bad) recent performance to continue over performing (underperforming) in the near future. Reversal concerns predictability based on a longer performance history: assets that performed well (poorly) over a long period tend to subsequently underperform (over perform). Closely related to reversal is the value effect, whereby the ratio of an asset’s price relative to book…

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  • Linear Momentum Essay

    mass and momentum conservation. In general, such systems will also have two other types of motion: overall rotational motion and internal motions. We will deal with internal motion and rotation in later modules. Momentum We define the linear momentum (p) of a particle of mass m travelling at a velocity v as: p ⃗ = mv ⃗ Momentum is a vector quantity, and its unit is kg-m/s. A particle either at rest or in constant velocity motion, will maintain a constant momentum. But if the particle is at…

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  • Bird Flight Lab Report

    Group 4 Project: Bird Flight Topic: Bird Flight School: Antonine International School Date: July 20, 2015 Subjects: Physics – Biology - Chemistry Done By: Anthony Al Chaer, Jad Eid, & Ryan Bedran Bird Flight Explaining Flight: The Physics of Bird Flight The Factors Affecting Bird Flight Biology of Bird Flight Experimentation: Velocity and Maneuvering Air Drag & Angular Momentum Work Calculations Error Calculation Theoretical Calculations Conclusion …

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  • Momentum Conservation Lab Analysis

    As explained above, the governing equations of the gas mixture that include continuity, momentum and mass fraction of the components, are solved at first. Transient conservation equations are as follow: Mass conservation (1) (∂(ε(1-s)ρ_g))/∂t+∇.(ρ_g u ⃗_g )=S_m In this equation u ⃗_g is superficial velocity vector of gas mixture, which related to intrinsic fluid velocity U as following: (2) (u_g ) ⃗=ε(1-s)U ⃗ In the gas transfer channel, the porosity is equal one and the liquid water volume fraction…

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