Angular Momentum

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Angular velocity, with the addition of a product’s moment of inertia is what creates an angular momentum quantity (Bi 2014). Moving objects keep a constant velocity, however, if acted on by outside forces this would not occur. Say a moving object like, the planet Saturn keeps this constant speed, it thus keeps a constant momentum, since the system is conserved. This conserved system of the planet Saturn would be referred to as angular momentum, since Saturn rotates about an axis. Saturn is also known for it’s massive thunderstorms, which have created angular momentum changes to suppress the planet to cyclones. Saturn’s changing of angular momentum, comes from uprising thunderstorms, beta-drifting and it does not necessarily always have to produce cyclones. Now these cyclones on Saturn are not produced how …show more content…
However, scientists were not just given this knowledge about Saturn, nor did they predict that polar cyclones could be a possibility, that was until they tested these conditions to give us this information. Once after the test was completed, scientist Morgan O’Neil, found that beta drifting, helps the thunderstorms to create a cyclone (Chu 2016). Beta-drifting is when the storm is spinning one way on bottom and the opposite way up towards the atmosphere. Now since Saturn is moving on it’s axis with its own velocity, it then drags with it the storm’s spinning at their own speed as well; which would bring the storms straight to the poles (Kluger 2016). O 'Neil even quoted saying, “ The whole atmosphere is being dragged by its planet as it rotates… so all that air has some ambient angular momentum.” (Chu 2016). Over a great amount of time if these storms continue to gain angular momentum, or Saturn wobbles a bit more on it’s axis, a more permanent-long lasting cyclone can appear at the

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