Molten salt reactor

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  • Pros And Cons Of Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor

    Reid Farmer Mr P. Fluoride Thorium Reactor 27 April 2016 Fluoride Thorium Reactors The liquid fluoride thorium reactor is a supply of nuclear fuel in the form of a molten salt mixture. A Molten Salt Reactors, such as Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor produces energy using a liquid nuclear fuel, not a solid fuel. MSRs also use a coolant that remains liquid at atmospheric pressure. LFTRs are designed to convert Thorium, an inexpensive and abundant material, into Uranium-233 which can then undergo nuclear fission. Other types of MSR can use spent uranium, depleted uranium, or plutonium, eliminating nuclear waste from solid-fueled reactors. Most safety concerns of LWRs are from using water coolant; LFTR is a molten salt reactor (uses special salt…

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  • Nuclear Reactor Essay

    fundamental concept of nuclear technology, through aggressive research and development in the form of liquid fluoride thorium reactors, the nuclear energy produced from this form will provide the…

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  • Leg Cramps Research Paper

    What is audio to text transcription? Why is audio transcription a powerful tool for audio file conversion? Description: In this technological world, now it is possible to transcribe audio to text. When audio files are in digital format you need to convert them for a backup and data preservation. Audio recording can archive reliable information and is immensely valuable to companies and organizations. But then, the digital version is vulnerable to unpredictable factors and distortions. You…

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  • Road Salt Proposal Essay

    A PROPOSAL TO REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF ROAD SALT USED IN ONTARIO DURING WINTER MONTHS By Karishma Porwal School: St. John’s Kilmarnock School Faculty Advisor: Miss. Jessica P Clough Word Count (excluding footnotes): 942 Every year Ontario faces harsh winters that bring copious amounts of snowfall and ice. This results in more frequent occurrences of traffic accidents due to the lack of traction on the icy roads. This problem is dealt with by lining the streets with road salt,…

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  • Substitutes To Salt Essay

    Substitutes to salt - Best salt alternatives to control BP – Substitutes for salt - the best salt with which to control BP Salt is an important substance that is essential for taste. Regardless of whether you made a vegetarian or vegetative or non-vegetarian food, the full flavor of these dishes depends on salt. When you get tired of the sun and want to get your energy back again, you can treat it with salt water. But adding more salt to the diet or consuming them more is not right for your…

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  • Keepsake Password By Ian Urbina

    In Ian Urbina’s article, the connection between passwords utilized by people and how they can hold deep meanings delving into a persons’ emotions, thought processes, personal past experiences, and the very essence of who they are, is explored at length. Urbina runs a study to create his thesis that people primarily utilize “Keepsake” passwords through collecting people’s passwords (either current or past) and why those specific passwords were chosen, as a proof that there is a deep connection…

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  • Pickle Juice Research

    Electrolyte and Plasma Responses After Ingestion of Pickle Juice in Hydrated Females Adanna Cheek Radford University Introduction Every physically active person knows how it feels to be in the middle of a sporting event or workout and suddenly experience a muscle cramp. These cramps are inhibiting and painful, as well as cause a decrease in performance. Exercise-associated muscle cramps, or EAMC, are defined as skeletal muscle cramps that occur during or directly after exercise (Miller et…

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  • Dissolved Impurities Lab Report

    The purpose of this lab is to understand the effect that dissolved impurities will have on the freezing point of a mixture and what additive will affect the the freezing point the most. The freezing point of a liquid is, the point of a substance when the temperature of the solid and the liquid is equal. When water freezes the water molecules become organized and come closer together forming crystal particles of ice.When a solute (like salt) and a solvent (like water) mix together the salt…

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  • Hydrochlorimetric Purification Lab Report Conclusion

    dissolves in water because the sodium cation has a positive charge and the chlorine anion has a negative charge. The water molecules also have partial charges because the oxygen is more electronegative than the hydrogen atoms, pulling electrons toward itself, producing a partial negative charge with a resultant partial positive charge on the hydrogen atoms. The charges between the sodium chloride and the water interact leading to a phenomenon known as solvolysis where the solute is interacting…

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  • Hot Ice Research Paper

    the roadways safer. The two products that are used to treat roads are Sodium chloride, which is the primary snow-removal and ice-control product, and Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride, which melt ice at a lower temperature than salt. Another article, Salting Roads: The Solution for Winter Driving by Doris Kimbrough, details the same problems and solutions mentioned in the Department of Transportation article (2006). However, Kimbrough’s article goes more in depth on the chemical changes…

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