Bread Mold Essay

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Everyone loves making and baking healthy meals that have a lot of protein and nutrients and eating it, particularly bread for example sandwiches, toast and other kinds of meals. The real question is would people want their healthy bread to get all moldy, green or smelly? Bread is the most widely eaten food around the world bread is made by baking dough that consists chiefly of flour or grain meal mixed with water or milk. It provides a larger share of people’s energy and protein than any other food. But bread also needs temperature, is the difference between hot and cold and is measured on a standard scale. The major factors that affect the growth of the mold are nutrients, temperature, pH, environment, and water activity. The food industry spends billions of dollars every year on refrigeration to investigate if it is the best temperature to store bread so that it won 't become moldy. The main aim of my experiment is to investigate what is the best temperature to store bread in. This research can become helpful to people around the world that are having trouble finding the right temperature to store their bread along with knowing what is the temperature that makes the bread mold . When bread molds, it breaks down dead organic …show more content…
If we don’t store the bread carefully in a proper place, it will eventually mold, and we will end up throwing it away as it can cause illnesses such as respiratory problems due to the strong smell. This topic “What’s the best temperature to store bread” is going to be experimented so it can help people store bread safely in a suitable environment and help avoid mold growth and health problems. This topic is quite fascinating, finding out what kind of temperature to store bread sounds helpful to everyone that likes bread and wants to avoid mold growth on bread; It also makes everyone more aware of what kind of temperature is surrounding the

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