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  • Concrete Lab Report

    measure was recorded. Air Content Test Following ASTM C 231, the percent of air voids in the concrete was measured. A similar procedure as the unit weight test was completed filling a wetted, cylindrical mold with three layers. Each with layer had 25 strokes of the tamping rod and 10 to 15 taps on the mold from a mallet. The lid device was the placed on top of the smooth concrete surface and locked into place. An open valve was filled with water until the air voids had been filled. After…

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  • Pharaoh Khufu Accomplishments

    Pharaoh Khufu ruled Ancient Egypt from 2551 - 2528 B.C.E during the Old Kingdom. Depending on how you knew him you either thought he was a kind and powerful or cruel and harsh. Khufu was really good at controlling food supply by overseeing the harvest storage of extra grain. Khufu was also great at controlling government officials who carried out his laws. Khufu's greatest accomplishment was the building of The Great Pyramid of Giza it is one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world and the only…

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  • Halsey Health Products Case Study

    As the largest supplier of healthcare products across the country, Halsey Health Products focuses strictly on gross-profit-dollar-oriented company goals. As a result the main character expresses a strong corporate mentality, constantly rationalizing her options with possible consequences of missing profit goals. As a market manager she realizes there are various things at stake for her and her employer. Clearly, Halsey Health Products’ primary responsibility is providing safe products to the…

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  • Narrative Essay: My Mother Is A Soaper

    searching for the next scent, design, recipe, essential oil…that is the secret life of a soaper. My mother is 80 years old and still goes to work at her shop four days a week. But, in her quiet time she experiments with soap recipes, essential oils, molds, designs. The joy is the search. The results: Her soaps are heavenly. Thank you! It all began with a Mother, Invention, & Necessity. “For as long as I remember, the women made laundry soap with wood ash and water. Stirring the fire.…

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  • Ocular Prosthesis: A Case Study

    the patient were examined, and an atresic cavity was observed (Fig. 1), requiring gradual increase with an acrylic expander. For this, the anophthalmic socket impression was obtained using dense silicon (Express; 3M ESPE, St. Paul, Minn, USA). The mold was inserted into a flask for acrylization with colorless acrylic resin. After polymerization, the expander prosthesis was submitted to finishing and polishing, and initially presented the same volume and size of the cavity. After 2 weeks, the…

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  • Allegro Case Study

    1) There is no major Quality issues at Allegro as the meeting mainly review and discuss unit tilted issue faced for package OT1084 (ALGRO 3) & OT1085 (ALGRO 4) and the measurement method. 2) We presented why C-Pak unable to measure the pocket size/top opening according to Allegro measurement method especially for A0, A1 and B0 dimension as below:- 3) In fact, we’ve tried few approach using Micro Vu to measure a plane 0.3mm above the bottom of the pocket however the…

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  • Penicillin G Research Paper

    Your eyes open as you hear the loud slam of the doors behind you. You try to look around, but find yourself unable to move. You see mysterious silhouettes standing over you with needles in their hands as you hear the squeak of wheels against the floor. A man comes near you and starts saying words you cannot seem to make out. Everything slowly fades to black, and you are out. You wake up hours later in a hospital bed, and the same mysterious man comes out from behind the curtains. After a long…

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  • Analysis Of Hester's Self-Made Identity In The Scarlet Letter

    what the Puritan society as a whole believe, they have a model for the type of person they want their followers to be, a perfect puritan. This is also the case for the type of women their strict society approves of. When the woman does not fit the mold made for the women of the time, an opinion is formed. Although The Scarlet Letter was written in 1850, the concept of social norms was still very relevant. Social norms lead us to decide what is right and wrong, but subconsciously they affect the…

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  • Gregory Mantsios: The Closing Of The American Mind

    Education When sociologists and scholars look at education, they tend to ignore and generalize the biggest variable: the student. According to Allan Bloom, author of The Closing of the American Mind, your years as a student are there for society to mold you into the citizen it wants you to be (Bloom 422). Gregory Mantsios considers a student a product of whom their parents were, as spelled out in his article Class in America (Mantsios 482). Luckily, there are educators like Deborah Tannen out…

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  • Ancient Greek: The Characteristics Of The Discobolus

    Discobolus is one of the most famous sculpture in Ancient Greek, displaying a moment of throwing the discus. Observing the exterior of the Discobolus, some features can be discovered. Discobolus’s lifting his arm, ducking down and bending knees form an “S” shape. The athlete shifts his weight to the right foot and uses left toe as the auxiliary supporting point. Man’s body has a trend of counterclockwise turning, which fulfill the concept of dynamics. At about 460 BCE, Myron created this…

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