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  • The Black-Scholes: Equations Pricing Model

    The Black-Scholes model is perhaps the most famous and widely used options pricing model in the world. The model was first founded by Fischer Black and Myron Scholes in their 1973 and was further developed by Robert Merton who expanded the mathematical understanding of the options price model. In order to honor their contributions in finance, they were awarded the 1997 Nobel Price in Economics. People have been trading stock options for a long period of time, and the Black-Scholes model has finally set up an analytical framework for how to value an option. It is no exaggeration to say that the Black-Scholes model brings convenience and efficiency to the European stock market. The Black-Scholes model is used to calculate the theoretical estimate…

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  • Midas Formula Case Study

    predict stock market movements. He claimed to have found the way to remove risk. Ne passed away with incomplete work. In this book the method claimed to be able to predicts and price derivatives specifically options, but the formula was incomplete so academics set out to find the perfect formula to price options. One thing was obvious is that options could be beneficial, due to the nature of options no obligation rule. Academics used the preexisting French formula and added multitude of…

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  • The Sleeping Satyr Contrapposto Analysis

    asymmetrically arranging the limbs so there is a sense of vitality through the contrast between the two legs. This new concept was utilized in Diskobolos to enhance the scope of realism in the work. When creating the sculpture, the artists, Myron, focused on the rhythm, composition, and symmetry during his work. Although he was very attentive to the sculpture’s bodies, he displayed facial archaisms that did not express emotions. The Sleeping Satyr was created during the Hellenistic period and…

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  • Options In The Black-Scholes Model

    What are the factors affecting the prices of options? Explain the assumptions in the Black-Scholes model. In order to understand the factors that affect the prices of options, we need to understand what options are and how they work. Options are derivative assets. According to a California-based company called Optionetics (website:, "options are the most versatile trading instruments ever invented". This means, that you aren 't limited to making a profit only when the market…

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  • Personal Finance Case Study Essay

    Part e1. In 1973, Fisher Black and Myron Scholes developed the Black-Scholdes option pricing model (OPM). What assumptions underlie the OPM? Answer. There are several assumptions underlying the OPM. First, the stock underlying the call option provides no dividends or other distributions during the life of the option. Second, there are no transaction costs for buying or selling either the stock or the option. Third, the short-term, risk-free interest rate is known and is constant during the life…

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