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  • Daisy And Myrtle Compare And Contrast Essay

    their riches. If they did not have riches, they would do anything to gain money. Daisy and Myrtle were no exception. Daisy may have been born into money while Myrtle had to find her way to it but the two women are very similar. Both women are known to be beautiful but in different ways. Both have relations with Tom Buchanan. Although they have many similarities, there are distinct characteristics that separate the two and make one clearly better than the other. People’s personalities are constantly judged by their appearance. In Daisy and Myrtle’s cases, their outer looks really reflect who they are. When Daisy is described, it is told that "Her face sad and lovely with bright…

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  • Examples Of Summer Vacation Essay

    radio instead of Disney. Everyone else was still asleep. Well not my uncle of course he was the driver. By this time we were almost to South Carolina. The sun was completely out now. My arm felt the heat of the sun as it beamed down on the van. “How much longer do we have to go?” I asked my uncle. “Not that much longer,” he said. “Are you tired of sitting in the car?” I replied back “yes this is the longest ride ever.” He just laughed and continued to drive. I continued to look out the window…

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