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  • Mutual Fund Rating Essay

    Article Assignment 1 The article “Why Fund Ratings Could Be Misleading” relates mutual fund ratings to the loss aversion experienced by investors. Ratings companies such as Morning Star or Standard and Poor rate mutual funds with a one to five start rating system, with five being the highest. The rating each fund acquires reflects cost and risk adjusted historical performance. The article makes the case that the rating system does not take into account each potential investor’s loss aversion. Loss aversion describes the tendency to prefer to avoid losses to acquiring gains. The article refers to a test designed to evaluate an individual’s loss aversion, called the coin flip test. The coin flip test is where the individual is offered a chance…

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  • Mutual Funds Case Study

    varied forms like • Shares • Government Securities • Derivative product • Units of Mutual Funds etc., square measurea number of the securities investors within thestock marketwill invest in. Long-term financial options available for investment Long-term financial options available for investments are Post Office Savings Schemes, Public Provident Fund, Company Fixed Deposits, Bonds and Debentures, Mutual Funds etc.  Post Office Savings: Submit workplace month-to-month earnings Scheme is a…

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  • Mutual Fund History

    The idea of mutual fund began to take shape in India in 1963 with the set up and enactment of Unit Trust of India (UTI) when the UTI Act, 1963 was framed to operate both as a financial institute and an investment trust. In 1964, the board of trustees formulated an openended scheme and launched it with scale of units begin open in the month of July, 1964 at the nominal value of Rs. 10 each. Thus, the UTI came out with its first open-ended scheme in 1964. During the initial phase of the…

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  • Mutual Fund Essay

    Mutual funds collect funds from small investors or unit-holders. The funds so collected are invested in buying shares of companies. Thus, MFs; provide funds to companies for business purposes. (b) They act as indicators between investors and companies. By buying shares in mutual funds, the individual investor becomes part of our institution and so can stand on even terms. (c) Mutual funds are organized, operated and managed by companies that do the practical administrative things that…

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  • Mutual Fund And Why Should I Care?

    What is a Mutual Fund and Why Should I Care? It is unfortunate that there is not more time spent in school teaching young adults and teenagers the in’s and out’s of the financial industry. For many, terms such as “mutual funds”, “bonds”, “401k’s”, and “annuities” are scary and unfamiliar. Young adults assume that only people with a lot of money, who have the resources to hire financial advisors, need to know what these words mean or, what they can do for them. This is a mistake. Every working…

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  • Mutual Fund Summary

    Vanguard REIT Exchange Traded Fund (VNQ) Fund Summary Vanguard REIT ETF (VNQ) is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that invests in equities issued by real estate investment trusts (REITs) which firms focus on purchasing office buildings or any other real properties (Investopedia 2015). Until 2016, the fund total net asset is about $64.2 billion and net asset value is around $80.2, moreover, it has a nearly 100% stocks as its assets (see Appendix 1). Its issuer is Vanguard which is one of the…

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  • Mutual Fund Case Study

    adovcate of investing you money into a mutal fund with a 12% return. He claims that by doing this you can be a millionarie in ...years by investing... a month. This has many of the so called investing experts sound an alarm and claim bs. Is the 12% return a year mutual fund real, or just a unicorn that people talk about? Let 's take a deeper look in the the average returns of the stock market, and if any mutual funds actually beat the market on consistently. From 1928 to 2015 the S&P 500…

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  • Mutual Fund Performance And Fund Characteristics

    between mutual fund performance, fund attributes, and company characteristics. This section describes the main hypotheses. The explanatory variables are divided into two groups, fund and country-level variables. Fund-level variables include size, age, fees (annual charges, initial charges, and redemption charges), management structure, and management tenure. Company-level variables include economic development, financial development, investor protection, and familiarity as explained by…

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  • Mutual Funds Advantages And Disadvantages

    Advantages of Mutual funds 1. Professional management:- an average investor or normal person who wants to invest in the capital market, lacks the knowledge of capital market operations and does not have large resources to get the benefits of investment. So they need an expert but il will be too expensive and difficult to find a real expert. So here mutual funds are managed by professionals who have skills and experience to analyse the performanceof companies. 2. Portfolio diversification:- an…

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  • The Importance Of Ethical Investment

    A Portfolio manager’s role in the mutual fund is to maximize the wealth of the investors, through investment of assets in stocks of corporations. Every citizen/corporation has a social responsibility towards the society in which he lives in. Similarly mutual funds have a responsibility towards the society in which it operates. By investing on companies, investors seek to promote the growth and development of the company in anticipation of good results. They thus play a role in promoting the…

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