Personal Narrative-It's All Quiet On The Western Front

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It was cold and ordinary evening on March 5, 1770, when I was walking down King street with my friend Henry. As were walking past the Custom House a young wig maker's apprentice walked up to a British soldier and insulted him because he had not payed for a wig. Another British soldier had walked out and scolded the young boy for disrespecting a British soldier. The boy exchanged insults with the soldier so he pulled out his musket and struck the boy on the side of the head. A stream of chills rushed through my body when I witnessed that. He fell on the cold, snowy ground crying in pain. This attracted a crowd of people that grew larger and more boisterous as people began to yell at the British soldiers.
The church bells were rung, which usually means that there is a fire, bringing more and more people out. By the time the bells stopped, there were over fifty people gathered together, yelling and scolding the soldiers who had their muskets loaded and pointing at the crowd. I stood to the side because I would never want to have a gun pointed at me. I knew something was going to happen because some folks in the crowd started to pick up stones and make
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That was when I realized that I was in danger so I ducked with everyone else. I didn’t know who was shot because I was in the back but by the the sounds and screams it sounded like an older man. One of the soldiers, probably the one who was hit by the club, yelled, “Fire”. All I saw was smoke and all I heard were screams. I knew that at least three people were dead. After all the smoke had cleared out there was complete silence. There were five dead bodies on the ground. Some squirming and some still as a rock. The white snow was turning deep red. I was shocked and my ears were ringing so I couldn’t hear anything. Then I realized that I haven’t seen Henry. I didn’t bother looking for him so I ran home because I was scared that there would be more

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